Opinion on Turnaround Time


I reordered some over a few days ago and the website says 1 - 2 weeks. However it looks like people are having issues with getting there re orders in a timely manner. Has it been your experience that their orders are shipping on time as of late, or would you recommend finding another way to get soylent (DIY or otherwise). Starting to get dependent on it and I don’t want to get the junkie fits. Thank you!


I reordered on 21 December and it just came today. But I expect the holidays were what blew the schedule out a week. YMMV!


My last reorder came right on time. (Subscription.)


My first subscription order came quite a bit earlier than I expected it, to my joy. I suspect that the fact that I live in the Los Angeles area can’t hurt. I have ordered three shipments; the first was interminably slow and the last two were quite timely.