Opinions on Locally Sourced Ingredients Vs. Buying Online


Hey all,

During my research over several weeks while building my custom formula, delving into other Soylent Maker’s formulas showed that many preferred to source their ingredients online, even if they lived in large cities.

Paying for shipping and waiting for my items to arrive (especially via post, which is often terrible) didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, so I set out to find out whether or not I could build a good formula using locally sourced ingredients only.

Fortunately, I live about 5 minutes’ drive from a nutrition store, and right next to that is a large chain grocery store. I discovered over the course of several days’ worth of research that I was able to obtain all but one ingredient from these two locations, MSP. (For some reason they just didn’t have it at all.)

Since I live in a large enough city, finding another location shouldn’t be an issue; I’d just like to know if anyone feels that there are more benefits to sourcing your ingredients online vs. obtaining them locally.

Thanks all :slight_smile:


Personally, I prefer online because I can find exactly what I want without messing around and get it sent directly to me. There is generally a significant cost savings as well.


I’ll have to run some numbers on the cost savings - I wasn’t aware that there was a significant difference. I suppose there definitely could be in my case, since I’m in Canada (Ontario specifically) and our sales tax is 13%. Thanks for the heads up!


I’m not seeing a lot of cost savings after shipping. To give my worst example, I had to order my potassium gluconate from a US company through Amazon. The 2lbs of potassium gluconate cost $24.00. The shipping cost $28.50.

Right now, I buy most of my ingredients locally because it’s simpler and I haven’t checked online prices for everything. It’s often hard to get a final price with shipping.

I’ve seen some definite deals where you get free shipping by ordering over a certain amount. Shipping from nearby and within the country is also cheaper. Ordering in bulk can also get you a deal and we can do that with these dry ingredients. I’m picking up my first 25lb box of whey isolate from canadaprotein.com tomorrow. I’m saving a lot on that.


The shipping part can just be a matter of finding the right supplier. You might well be able to find a US company supplying several of the components you need for maybe 5%-10% more than Amazon, but giving you free shipping to Canada if you order for more than $100.

Concerning your Potassium Gluconate, that was just a really bad buy >.<

I bought a few things from the US too - of course they took 2-3 weeks to get here, but shipping wasn’t more than €5 ($6,47) to Ireland (Europe)


for mine its pretty bad, shipping costs are the 25% of the total cost… And not much hope on local sourcing as I’ve already exhausted that possibility. I live in a greek island and most of the time people have no idea what I’m asking them about.

I’m currently seeking big bulk suppliers, the ones who supply hotels, bakeries, beer making companies etc. I’ll even try my social skills on befriending such companies to make a deal or something, just in case the bulk suppliers refuse to sell to non-company entities like me :stuck_out_tongue:

and my other option is to buy almost everything from some big UK bulk site and get that ‘free shipping for orders above X’ possibility.

Greece 	£19.49 or £9.49 when you spend £200.00*

http://helpdesk.bulkpowders.co.uk/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/62/9/how-much-will-i-pay-for-my-international-delivery :smiley:


yes, thats what I’m talking about! :slight_smile:

sidenote: You can get maltodextrin very cheap from beer ingredient manufacturers. I just got 5kg for 19euros!


I would like it best to buy the stuff online. I like streamlined processes :slight_smile:


Amazon always offers the cheapest prices ( 90% of the time even cheaper than Ebay), if you plan on buying a bunch of bulk powders, then just apply for Amazon Prime. They have student discount discounts too + Prime is free to try for 6 months. Prime is only $80 a year (unless you’re a student then it’s $40), which you can end up spending on shipping alone on a single bulk purchase. Free shipping + Free 2 day expedited shipping. You don’t have to weight the pros and cons or cost analysis, it’s clearly worth the Prime Membership.