Opinions on my Canadian recipe



While I wait for my iHerb order to get here, does anybody have any opinions / lessens learned that may be applied to the recipe linked below?


Anything feedback be appreciated


I’ve got flaxseeds in my recipe (wish I’d gotten milled) and they don’t disappear into the mix as well as I’d like. I’m only using 15g but it’s probably the least palatable part of my recipe so be prepared. I’m going to look into swapping them for something else if I can when I get time, something more soluble hopefully :stuck_out_tongue:

You also have about the lowest amount of phosphorus I’ve seen in a recipe which is awesome, I’d try and max out calcium if you can without upping phosphorus because from other threads here I think we pinned down a ration of 2.5:1 calcium/phosphorus for optimal dental health. People described getting whiter teeth on Soylent we think because of the phosphorus/calcium ratio.


I’ve replaced my calcium and magnesium sources, bringing the phosphorus down in the process, and bringing both others to ~100% I have also dropped the flax down to 10g


After determining that this recipe didn’t taste very good, I made some modifications, in this recipe.

The taste is now tolerable, however I am finding the texture a little off. Does anybody know of a way to make this smoother?

Also, Mixed to liters of liquid ( With water), I find this mix “Slimy”. Is there something I can add to decrease this?