Opinions on oat flour (jasons quest for taste) and my first soylent expirience


so after trying soylent (DIY) http://diy.soylent.me/recipes/people-chow-uk

for the first time yesterday it went along the lines of this:

i prepared the mixture blended well together and put in to 3 sports shaker bottles and placed in the fridge. i went to bed and several hours later came down to begin my new soylent life.
i decided to drink the half bottle fro breakfast. it was quite thick and i almost threw up when i tried a bit. i thinned it out with water and tried again. i almost threw up on the aftertaste of the masa. i quickly looked around the kitchen for something to take the taste away. 2 table spoons of nescafe mixed in later i tried again. i could taste the coffee very well but the after taste was disgusting. i took the bottle as i walked to work and managed to drink it without throwing up.

as i began work my hunger abated for a while and began to come back by my reckoning i consumed just under 200 calories so it was to be expected. i was dreading when break came. i bought some Tabasco and orange flavoring off the shop floor to try to help with the tast. it had no effect. after forcing my self to drink some i realized i would not have the time to force my self toi drink it. so i went to get a sandwich and decided to try to get something that wont make me rech after every mouth full.

so to this end i have been messing arround and have come up with this so far


im going for a nutty taste hence the milk and peanut butter. i hope to make a sort of peanut shake.
my main sauce of everything here is oat flour, which i hope doesn’t taste nearly as bad as masa. i have heard that it may have a slight nutty flavor and is naturally sweet. anyone had experience with it?

now thre are some white gaps on my spread sheet, the slightly lower carbs is on purpose
im almost sure that 1 litre of milk has enough calcium in it but i cant find any nutritional info about the calcium content of it. a little short on potassium but i want to avoid putting in more oat-flour and its almost there. and milks meant to have potassium in it anyway but again cant find the correct nutritional info just going off a general nutrition facts that google has. but again im not sure if thats accurate.

so comments and sugestions would be cool :smile:


I prefer oats myself to masa. Taste/texture is much better in my opinion. Much less like drinking a glass of sand. lol

You can refer to this site for the skim milk data. They have a lot of helpful nutritional data.

How do you plan to mix the peanut butter? If mixing paste becomes too difficult, I know I’ve seen peanut butter in powder form. It removes most of the fat, so you’d want to compensate with additional soybean oil.


Cool thx ill check those out in a bit. Going to be useing a blender so there should be no problems mixing everything im hopeing the texture of the peanut butter helps mask out any unpleasant strangeness. Although reduceing the fat content a bit is also appealing even though its not over by a huge amount


I also had this problem with Milk. I also did not trust myself to add the various nutrient information.

You can add milk to your recipe with the correct nutrient info by adding it from the USDA database.

Go to the ingredients page and at the top you will see a link that says “Add a food from the USDA ingredient database”. Find the type of milk you are using, and select add. Then be sure to select the right recipe to add it to. Profit.


My recipe is made with oat flour, and I absolutely love the taste.
“Bulletproof Soylent”

The oat flour blends well and is naturally sweet. I use 204 grams in my recipe. Anything above that and I’d need to add Gas-X to my recipe. :smile: All the best to you as you strive to find your perfect Soylent!


ok i think this is my final version


now im unsure about some of the nutritional info eg: peanut butter contains iron i know this nuts are a good source of iron. yet its not listed. im wondering how many things like this are omitted and even down to the way the body absorbs things its very hard to tell whats right. anyway im gonna go with it, if i start feeling bad then somethings wrong XD.

so im hopeing when its all blended together it will be a peanutty smoothy/milkshake
now i know that this is natural peanuts so its unsweetened and i have a MASSIVE sweet tooth so it may take some time to acquire the taste. im not a huge peanut fan but i do like peanuts so im 99% sure it will be better than the masa.

i have decided to go low carb high fat although not to the extremes i have seen some do this will be a ok start for me i think and help with a bit of weight loss. going to order the stuff now so hopefully this one will work or ill end up with more things in my cubboard i have wasted money on. got to find something to do with the 5k bag of protean isolate now lol


I prefer things sweet myself. As a way to compensate for lack of sweetness, I started adding a small amount of sucralose to it. Basically 5-8 droplets per ‘meal’ turns it into kool-aid equivalent sweetness.

Obviously, it’s not natural, but many testing has indicated it’s safe. Official Soylent is using small amounts of sucralose and I trust @rob to make good decisions. :wink:


hmm good idea about the sweetener, i may try this. ordered my new stuff should come hopefully by Wednesday!