Opinions on Peanut flour?


I was wondering if anyone had any general opinions about using Peanut Flour in their soylent recipes?
something like- http://proteinplusflour.com/our-products/roasted-peanut-flour

I’ve currently been making a diy-soylent based on the Hackerschool recipe and using it mostly as a meal replacement for breakfast/lunch and started looking for ways to add a bit of variety in the flavor. I came across some mentions of powdered peanut butter and peanut flour and thought that using some to replace a bit of the oat flour may be a nice combination taste-wise with the cocoa. I haven’t seen much discussion of using this ingredient yet (but I do see some folks blending in scoops of regular peanut butter).

Looking at the nutrition info it seems a good fit since it adds protein/carbs/fiber.

It does also have a bit of fat but I figure I can cut back on some of the olive oil to counter that (and I’ll tweak the protein powder and other ingredients to try and even things out there too) Thought I’d start by swapping in 20g and decreasing the oat flour and some of the protein powder.

So does anyone have positive and/or negative views regarding use of Peanut Flour? Any reasons to avoid it at all? Anyone else currently using it? (I’m also looking into coconut flour but thought I’d try out the peanut flour first because I think the taste would be good)

thanks for any feedback


Peanuts are a pretty great ingredient, except that they are unfortunately very high in unhealthy omega 6 fatty acid. You may be able to get away with using enough to change the flavour without the omega6 reaching (too) unhealthy levels. Coconut flour is an excellent ingredient health-wise.

Bear in mind with both that they won’t dissolve or mix in to the same extent that you would expect “flour” to do. They will just float (or sink) in your mixture as little grainy bits.


Sadly, I have to fully agree with this. I don’t have any experience with peanut flour (though I’d like to try it), but I do have a bunch of coconut flour. And no matter what I do, every time I mix up a recipe that contains it, I’m always chewing on coconut flour. I suppose if I got some $200+ blender, that might solve the problem, but otherwise I’m out of ideas.

Also, even though I put 80g of it in (well, 40g, but I’ve only made half-batches), I don’t get a satisfying coconut flavor. Of course, I don’t want to put in more until I resolve the texture issue.


Presumably because all the flavour is locked up in the undissolved particles, instead of dispersed through the drink (in solution). Coconut milk is probably a better choice for liquid soylent. Creamed coconut works better in my experience than coconut flour/dessicated coconut, but still leaves a few particulates undissolved.


Mmm… I like the sound of that, though liquids are more difficult to work with/transport (for me). Probably more expensive (for the same reasons).

Creamed coconut probably has the separation issue, meaning you’ve got to heat it up to make it consistent/blendable. I’m sure it tastes delicious in soylent, though it would add that extra step. Coconut milk might work, though at a hit to the quality/flavor, perhaps. Might be worth buying a small can/container of it and trying.

But back to Peanuts, as per @markdan’s thread… I’ve had some powdered peanut butter before, and it comes out just like regular peanut butter. So it’s probably a tasty option, but again it’ll be quite expensive.


What do you mean? Coconut milk tastes fine, if you like the taste of coconut. I put creamed coconut in my coffee, which I only mix with a handheld frother/mini whisk. It mixes reasonably well under these conditions, so I’m sure in coffee it wouldn’t be a problem.


Ah, I just was under the impression that creamed coconut and coconut milk were different. Like the creamed coconut is straight mashed coconut (which eventually separates), but milk has added water and guar gum (so it remains a ‘pourable’ consistency)? Am I way off base?


Coconut milk shouldn’t really be anything but coconut stuff and water. It may separate slightly but is usually very easy to re-mix via shaking, since everything was dissolved before (none of the content is actually insoluble). It usually has additives like Guar gum but that is brand-dependent. The best ones are just coconut and water (for what it’s worth, I use a cheap one). I think coconut milk gives a better result (stronger flavour, smooth mix) than other coconut products, but it is more expensive, typically.


I just want to throw this in:
I’ve used this stuff before in protein shakes: http://www.bellplantation.com/products/4-pack-pb2-powdered-peanut-butter.html

There might be a difference in products, but it worked really well in the whey-based protein shakes. I do not recall it making the texture bad.

I theorize this product is perhaps the “waste” from pressing peanut oil.

PB2 has always seemed super overpriced.

Anyhoo, the texture might be fine! You can mix PB2 with a bit of water and get something like low-fat peanut butter. If peanut flour discussed is the same thing, then I bet it’ll work wonderfully. At least texture/taste wise.

EDIT: I think it is the same thing! http://www.dailygarnish.com/2010/09/powdered-peanut-butter-a-review-taste-test.html


Thanks for the thoughts on this folks!
I ordered some of this http://proteinplusflour.com/our-products/roasted-peanut-flour
and it should show up shortly. From what I read this is the same product that was sold as
Trader Joe’s house brand (but they discontinued selling this about a year ago I believe)

In the mean time I bought some “Powdered Peanut Butter” from Whole Foods and added it to
my recipe and it adds a nice flavor. It appears the difference between “peanut flour” and “powdered peanut butter” is just that the powdered peanut butter products add in some sugar and salt (and they are much pricier)
I don’t mind a little bit of “grainy bits” in my soylent if the flavor is good so If the Peanut Flour adds a nice flavor as the powdered peanut butter product does I’ll likely be using it going forward.

I also picked up some coconut flour to try out but haven’t had a chance to try it yet. I’ll update after I have a chance to try these out.


Coconut milk is much higher in fat than coconut flour. Coconut flour gives a useful boost in protein and fibre, whereas you’d need over 2000 kcals of coconut milk to get even 20 g of fibre.


I’ve had good luck with the peanut flour. It tastes good with the cocoa and provides protein/carbs/fiber. I have about 40g in my daily recipe.
The coconut flour I didn’t care for as much as a main ingredient. It added quite a bit of grit to the texture of the mix and when used in higher quantities the taste was too sweet for me. Still I’m using it in my current recipe but only about 10g per day. At that amount it doesn’t seem to add much coconut taste to the mix but I like having the variety of ingredients and it is good fiber/carbs/protein.