Optimal Refrigeration Temperature for Soylent bottles, etc

I just bought a nice new mini-fridge for my office, and am debating what temperature to set it at. Googling, I see multiple forums (and even official posts) discussing the best temperature to store Coke vs Pepsi vs water vs every other drink. So regarding nutrition, micronutrient breakdown, and especially taste:

What do you think is the optimal temperature to store Soylent?

(I actually really want to know about 2.0 Cacao, but feel free to answer about another version or flavor, just specify which.)

Tastewise, I like room temperature for both plain and cacao. It’s all personal preference. (At first I preferred both refrigerated, but that wasn’t an option at work so I got used to drinking them warm. Now I prefer it that way. Go figure.)

Nutritionally, it will take longer for the unstable nutrients to break down in colder temperatures, but unless you’re storing your Soylent for months before drinking it, it probably doesn’t matter.


I agree. I store and drink both 2.0 and cacao at room temperature. I’m a bit cheap, so not paying for electricity does play into my insanity. :slight_smile:

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I store my powdered or liquid Soylent at whatever temp my fridge is set at. I don’t think it makes any difference, frankly. I would be happy to read other opinions.

I prefer to have my 2.0 closer to freezing when I pull it out of the fridge- it stays cold longer on my desk.


I prefer it so cold it’s almost a slush. Not quite - but ice crystals have just started to form.

In my case, I stick a refrigerated bottle in the freezer for one hour before I drink it.


Same. Cold is good, colder is better.

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Product idea: Slushlent!

I also love cold.

Good gawd, I read that as Sushi-lent and almost hurled.
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I do not enjoy Soylent [as much] at room temp.

A few weeks ago I had a couple Cacao’s in the very back of the fridge right in front of the vent or whatever and they were noticeably colder and they were the best Cacao’s I had ever had and now I put all of them there.


Soylent makes the absolute best smoothie/slushie base ever, IMO. You can toss pretty much anything you like in it for flavor and it’ll just come out amazing. It improves everything. I even cut a Slurpee with it this summer and it was so phenomenally better.