Optimized taste

I just received some of the original RTD with the new ‘optimized’ formula.

There is definitely a difference in taste.

It’s not a huge difference, but the new version is sweeter. Almost cloyingly sweet. Maybe it’s just different from the 2.0 version and I’ll get used to it. I hope so because I’m drinking 4 12packs a month of original right now and don’t know if I could stomach it being so sweet. I also get two 12 packs or Cafe Vanilla but haven’t received any of the new version of that yet. Not sure if the coffee and other flavors will mask the sweetness.

I’m not sure I really like it so far.

I know they cut the sugar and added something else to balance out the flavor but I think they could dial the sweetness back a bit (or more than a bit).

I’ve been through many different version from the original powder up the the current ‘optimized’ version and sometimes the initial change seems bad but then you get used to it. (I’ve occasionally gone back to previous versions that I thought were good and thought ‘how did I ever drink this’)

I got a 12 pack sampler of ‘Sated’ when it came out. 6 chocolate and 6 vanilla. I still have three of the vanilla because they were too sweet (very similar to the new optimized Soylent) I don’t think I’ll ever drink them without adding some chocolate powder or something to cover up the sweetness.

Curious to hear what others think of it.

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I also find it cloyingly sweet, and I’m super bummed. I ordered a 6-pack of Huel ready-to-drink once, to see how it compared to Soylent, and most of the bottles sat in my fridge for months because they were so sweet it was hard to drink them - I stuck to Soylent Original instead and never looked back. But now I’m getting that same “too sweet to drink the whole bottle” experience from Soylent Original, which is really unfortunate because I’ve got 24 bottles of in my fridge that I ordered because I didn’t realize they were moving to a new formula that was going to be so much sweeter.

I don’t see the point in reducing the sugar if they’re just going to dial up the artificial sweeteners instead - I don’t think either are particularly good for you.


I’m not thrilled that the fat content has increased.

I ordered the Optimized Banana, Creamy Chocolate and Strawberry – my wife and I liked the improved taste so much I just ordered Vanilla, Mint Chocolate and the Cafe Mocha.

If Soylent can heal their shipping problems – my non-subscription order took 10 days to ship – I may consider moving back to Soylent from Huel. The long delay in Huel RTD Berry is what brought me back to Soylent looking for a similar taste.

After a few days of drinking the new formula I think I’m OK with it.

I’ve gotten used to the sweetness. There is still as little bit of a weird after taste that I’m assuming is from the sweetener they used. But it 's not a show stopper.

I’ve only tried the ‘original’ flavor so I’ll have to wait to see what the Cafe Vanilla is like.

Damn this worries me. For me the original is absolutely flawless. It’s my favorite go-to by far any time of the day or night. I really didn’t want it messed with. I do tend to like sweet, so maybe I’ll be fine with it. The vanilla is too chemically for me unless I cut it with original, so hopefully the optimized vanilla is improved. Curious about banana. My other half likes the cacao and coffiest so I hope they haven’t screwed those up. Sigh.

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