Optimized taste

I just received some of the original RTD with the new ‘optimized’ formula.

There is definitely a difference in taste.

It’s not a huge difference, but the new version is sweeter. Almost cloyingly sweet. Maybe it’s just different from the 2.0 version and I’ll get used to it. I hope so because I’m drinking 4 12packs a month of original right now and don’t know if I could stomach it being so sweet. I also get two 12 packs or Cafe Vanilla but haven’t received any of the new version of that yet. Not sure if the coffee and other flavors will mask the sweetness.

I’m not sure I really like it so far.

I know they cut the sugar and added something else to balance out the flavor but I think they could dial the sweetness back a bit (or more than a bit).

I’ve been through many different version from the original powder up the the current ‘optimized’ version and sometimes the initial change seems bad but then you get used to it. (I’ve occasionally gone back to previous versions that I thought were good and thought ‘how did I ever drink this’)

I got a 12 pack sampler of ‘Sated’ when it came out. 6 chocolate and 6 vanilla. I still have three of the vanilla because they were too sweet (very similar to the new optimized Soylent) I don’t think I’ll ever drink them without adding some chocolate powder or something to cover up the sweetness.

Curious to hear what others think of it.


I also find it cloyingly sweet, and I’m super bummed. I ordered a 6-pack of Huel ready-to-drink once, to see how it compared to Soylent, and most of the bottles sat in my fridge for months because they were so sweet it was hard to drink them - I stuck to Soylent Original instead and never looked back. But now I’m getting that same “too sweet to drink the whole bottle” experience from Soylent Original, which is really unfortunate because I’ve got 24 bottles of in my fridge that I ordered because I didn’t realize they were moving to a new formula that was going to be so much sweeter.

I don’t see the point in reducing the sugar if they’re just going to dial up the artificial sweeteners instead - I don’t think either are particularly good for you.


I’m not thrilled that the fat content has increased.

I ordered the Optimized Banana, Creamy Chocolate and Strawberry – my wife and I liked the improved taste so much I just ordered Vanilla, Mint Chocolate and the Cafe Mocha.

If Soylent can heal their shipping problems – my non-subscription order took 10 days to ship – I may consider moving back to Soylent from Huel. The long delay in Huel RTD Berry is what brought me back to Soylent looking for a similar taste.

After a few days of drinking the new formula I think I’m OK with it.

I’ve gotten used to the sweetness. There is still as little bit of a weird after taste that I’m assuming is from the sweetener they used. But it 's not a show stopper.

I’ve only tried the ‘original’ flavor so I’ll have to wait to see what the Cafe Vanilla is like.

Damn this worries me. For me the original is absolutely flawless. It’s my favorite go-to by far any time of the day or night. I really didn’t want it messed with. I do tend to like sweet, so maybe I’ll be fine with it. The vanilla is too chemically for me unless I cut it with original, so hopefully the optimized vanilla is improved. Curious about banana. My other half likes the cacao and coffiest so I hope they haven’t screwed those up. Sigh.

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My new batch of Original tastes like coffee. Are y’all experiencing that as well with the new formulation, or did I get a bum batch?

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I ordered the banana. It shipped quickly and arrived 2 days later. I love the flavor. It tastes like a thin banana smoothie. It’s sweet, but not too sweet.

I have been drinking Soylent since early 2015 when we only had the neutral flavored Original powder. They regularly changed the formula, and within weeks I couldn’t imagine going back to the old flavor.

This is a long way of saying that I drink Soylent for quick, convenient nutrition, which the new formula delivers. I love that they added Omega-3 fat too. The body needs both Omega-3 and Omega-6 in a 1:4 ratio, respectively.

I cancelled my Amazon subscription just so I can work down my “inventory” of 2.0 and buy only Optimized going forward.

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For anyone who has tasted the new versions, I’d be interested to get an answer to this:
I’ve settled on Chai as my flavor of choice after trying a few, but I have always had an issue with the bitter sucralose aftertaste, which I solved by adding my own maple flavored simple syrup to each bottle (about a tablespoon or slightly more). Based on my description of how sweet I like the product to be, does that line up with what you are experiencing with the new “optimized” taste? Do you think it is as sweet as it would be if you modified the old flavor the way I do?
Also, is there still a bitter after flavor or has that been solved somehow even though there is less sugar?

Looking at the nutrition labels on the shop it doesn’t look like the ones for the Cafe products have changed. The non cafe flavors show the addition of Phosphorous, Chloride and the reduced added sugar, which are not on the cafe products. Possibly those have not (yet) changed.

Understood, but I was curious about the other flavors that have been “optimized”.

Well, I’ve cancelled my subscription. It doesn’t matter if I can get used to it - I don’t want to train myself to crave sweets and sugary things by replacing 1/3 of my meals with something that tastes like desert. I don’t know how people would find this normal unless they normally drink stuff like soda and/or sweet tea, which I deliberately avoid. Having a huge sweet tooth isn’t conducive to healthy eating in general.

I’ve been a Soylent customer since 1.0 nearly 6 years ago, when they were all about necessity and minimalism. I guess I’m no longer part of their target audience.

I’m going to try Huel’s unsweetened powder. I’ll really miss the convenience of ready-to-drink, but it is what it is.


Cafe Mocha (Coffiest) has been updated. Presumably all the other cafe flavors have as well.

It’s horrible. Sickeningly sweet and a very pronounced, distracting, and offensive molasses like flavour that I can’t tolerate.

Canceled my subscription and regret that I now have 3.9 boxes of garbage

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The way I’ve been describing the new Creamy Chocolate to people is that it tastes like someone was making chocolate milk with Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup, and put in twice as much syrup as usual. It’s a very sweet, intense chocolate flavor. It’s good… as a dessert. My initial impression was that I liked the Creamy Chocolate better than Cacao, but then I realized that it’s too sweet to have it more than once a day, at least not without retraining my taste buds to constantly crave sweetness, which as others here have pointed out, is not a particularly healthy thing. So I’ve gone back to Cacao because I can enjoy it several times a day, and then I have the Creamy Chocolate as an occasional dessert treat.

Well, it sounds like they have made something that I might just like out of the box, without adding sweetness myself. I’m just still concerned about aftertastes from fake sugars, but no one has mentioned whether those are still there or not. Wish there were better options for sampler packs instead of requiring a purchase of a dozen at a time.

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I just got a shipment of Cafe Vanilla and it hasn’t changed yet.

Just tried the updated “coffiest”, aka cafe mocha and its way too sweet and lost all hint of coffee… used to drink 2 of those a day, now I’ll have to find another alternative… so sad, after 3 years, finally having to leave soylent.

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Certainly sweeter… harder for me to resist (that’s not a good thing)…

Seems the much hyped isomaltulose is gone… so now they can say “1g added sugars” instead of 9… but what is the actual glycemic response over time? Is more maltodextrin really better? I’m sure it’s cheaper (and probably less offensive to Canadian officials)…

Also noted no longer manufactured for Rosa Foods LA 90013… now Soylent Nutrition LA 90021…

And… no longer proudly proclaims “Produced with genetic engineering”… I guess that really means we’re mainstream now :confused:

Edit 7/22 reading through the soylent blog posts it seems isomaltulose was replaced with allulose which is a different sweetener but not necessarily a carbohydrate. They claim low GI is still a priority but not sure how the new RTD compares to old with respect to glycemic index

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Just got my shipment of Stacked, Creamy Chocolate, and Cafe Mocha. So far, the Stacked is terrible - it has an extreme “fake sugar” taste and has a bitter after-flavor for me. I have not yet tried Cafe Mocha, but Creamy Chocolate is “good enough” for me that I would continue to drink it, and would not feel the need to modify it by adding sugar or making other changes. I might need to have a go at Mint Chocolate and the new Original next.

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