Optimizing carbohydrate ingredient for nutrition goals


after extensively searching the Discourse site, i do not see this topic addressed and would welcome any input the community may have.

my objective is to make an informed, logical decision with respect to choosing what type of carbohydrate ingredient to utilize in my soylent mix, with the end state of a balance that complements my fitness plan to induce weight loss, while avoiding lipogenesis, in which an excessive protein intake causes body to turn some of protein intake into fat.

right now my macro balance is 60P/20F/20C. protein is 30% whey 30% rice. fat is 10% chia seeds 10% olive oil. carbs are up in air–oat flour, coconut flour, so many different flours to choose from.

given my above objectives does anyone have any guidance as to how to maximize them by making the optimal choice for the type of carbohydrate i ingest?

other suggestions related to my objectives are, of course, welcome.