Optimizing for testosterone with Soylent


I’m aware that macro- and micronutrient content in diets can affect testosterone levels. This kind of optimization is pursued by Tim Ferriss’ 4-Hour Body and I’ve seen clues on www.examine.com for targets on Zinc, Vitamin D, Selenium.

Hormone interactions and synthesis seems complex enough that no one nutrient is going to have a larger impact than all nutrients interacting. However, if anyone has had any ideas on how to hack the testosterone response with nutrition and supplements, and has used Soylent in the process, I am open to hearing the suggestions.


Wouldn’t testosterone levels in the blood be rather easy to test for via a blood draw?


I think my original wording might have been confusing. I didn’t mean to directly implicate low testosterone levels with my laziness. I meant to implicate my laziness with posting this question here. Edited.


Yes, it’s easy enough to test levels of free testosterone and overall testosterone (the free kind is the kind that’s actually doing something.)

No, it’s not particularly cheap, lab turnaround isn’t necessarily fast, and even then, getting a change to show by changing nutrient ratios can be a slow enough process that it might be difficult to tell if it’s working; thus, without some kind of a head start, it might be hard to figure out where to start tweaking.

I suggest looking up effects of minerals, fats, and amino acids, to see if there’s something that looks useful to you.