Optimum level of vitamins and minerals


I’m curious how accurate these amounts are and how they compare to Soylent.


What’s your source for that graphic?

Here’s the “standard” nutrient profile that DIY’ers generally follow.
U.S. government DRI, male 19-50, 2000 calories


That’s an interesting table. Where is it from?

The Soylent label lists things as a percentage of DV. Most are 33% per meal for Soylent.

Unlike that chart, DV combines things like beta carotene into vitamin A, which is measured in IU. Many of the numbers are different. Most of the chart’s B vitamins are higher.


Didn’t want to post the link because I’m not sure if it’s credible or pseudo hippy “science” or a just a site for the sake of selling one of his product.

But I’ll let you be the judge of that drpaulclayton.com/scripts/staywell-optimumlevels.aspx

Also I’d like you to consider the difference between Recommended Daily Values of just the essentials and optimal amounts with other stuff added that might not be necessary for survival but have benefits such as reduced inflammation and other stuff that not only give you a longer life but a healthier and more capable life.


He’s saying that’s the optimum for a supplement. Not optimum levels for total intake. The calcium would be very low. The DRI is 1000 mg, but that has just 100 mg.

There are lots of multivitamins that are similar, with high levels of certain vitamins and antioxidants like that.