Option to get a super environmentally friendly package

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I think it would be cool to have an option at checkout to receive bottles without a label at all. I’m not sure why there is all that plastic around the bottle when it’s not really needed.

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The bottles need to be tamper evident so someone can’t open it, put something in it, close it again, and pass it off as new.


Not to mention it holds the cap on during shipping and handling.

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We have to be able to add in our own logo and the law requires us to have tamper seals.


Doesn’t the foil seal under the cap function as a tamper-evident seal? Not even consumer pharmaceuticals use both an external perforated plastic seal and an under-cap foil seal.

Could the Soylent logo/labal be printed directly on the plastic bottle? Or printed on a sticker? Or printed on the top of the cap? Or, if the external seal is absolutely necessary, printed on that?

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The foil seal was a temporary solution; Coffiest doesn’t have it and (new) 2.0 doesn’t either.

Probably, yeah, but that’s not the decision they made.

The cost of printing on the bottle are very high. It also limits our future plan for the design. The outer plastic layer does meet the requirements for a tamper evident seal.


I always thought it’d be neat if they laser printed the label directly into the plastic and have a smaller wrapper just around the top like some medicine bottles have.

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The label should be embedded in the bottle and the bottle should be edible. Like those bread bowls for spinach dip.