Order 4/19 - No status since 5/23


Starting to feel like I’ve been taken.


Considering people are actually receiving their Soylent the odds of you “been taken” is slim to none. Being “taken” would mean that you couldnt at least get a refund, and Soylent has been very quick to give refunds if asked.


you’ve waited one month, some of us have waited over a year. i ordered late may 2013, still no word. the ONLY thing soylent has been good with lately is giving refunds though, so theres that.


Hi James,

Yeah, it seems like ramping up shipping has taken a lot longer than anyone expected, including the Soylent team. How much did you order? I ordered one month and I haven’t received mine yet. It looks like they are on the one-month orders from 2013 and hopefully will be getting orders out much faster than they have. I know that once I get my order that I will get my monthly shipments on a regular basis thereafter. I am beyond ready to get this show on the road!