Order amount priority questions


We were told that the orders will be prioritized by order size. Does anyone know if it matters if you ordered more soylent through the add-on or through a separate order?

I had originally backed 1 weeks worth (as much as I could afford at the time) and added 7 more weeks as an add-on. Would I be put into the 1 week bucket or the 8 week bucket?


From what I understand, that would qualify you for the 8-week priority.


The Soylent team has said that all orders under the same email address will be grouped together for priority and shipping.


I remember that, just wasn’t sure if that referred to add ons or just when the went through whole re-order process.

I’m just getting really anxious about my soylent, and would hate to be pushed down to the one-weekers just because I ordered differently than other people… Probably just being paranoid.

Thanks all for the answers, I guess all I can do is wait until the two month orders ship and then I’ll know.


Yeah, I ordered one month last fall, and then ordered a second month before the “pre-order bundle” deadline. That should put me, like you, near the front 20% of the line (uninformed estimate).

But I’ve not received an email for my starter kit or my Soylent. I’m not freaking out about it, exactly, but the recent communication from Soylent seems incomplete and confusing. I mean, according to their messaging, all of the pre-order starter kits should have shipped by now, and a reasonable interpretation of their updates would suggest that they should have moved on to the one month orders by now.

The thing that confuses me is that all the logistics and supply issues have been figured out, and they’ve sent out all the Vegan orders and surely worked out the kinks, so there should be no reason they aren’t operating at full shipping capacity right now, right (another uninformed estimate)?

My only consolation is that for now I have no reason to assume that my order get lost or anything, because so many other 2+ month order-ers are posting the same status.

And so, we must happily wait… it’s all we can do :slight_smile:


Another 2-month order (original order date June of 2013) checking in, no starter kit, no Soylent, and no shipping emails regarding either one.


technically they said you should be in the 8 week bucket. but shipments actually seem to be random. Most people on the forums with 8+ week orders haven’t got anything


I ordered 2 months as well, original order date July of 2013, no starter kit or shipping email as of yet. It does make me feel better that I’m not the only one.


Okay. Thank you, everyone, for the support through mutual anxiety. haha. If any of you /do/ get your soylent, could you reply on here?


reply here???!! whenever i get my shipment, i will be replying in ALL CAPS and started at least 4 threads about it!!!



I ordered 1 mo back in may last year. No email or any shipping info on my starter kit or soylent either.


I’m also a 1 month from last May. No email or shipment of any kind. Fedex doesn’t know about any packages in transit.

I’m starting to be rather concerned.


I just got my tracking email! I yelled out with joy.

So I’m guessing the rest of you should get your orders soon. -so excite-


It is funny to come back here and see that I was “concerned” 22 days ago. Glad you got your tracking email! Was that for the kit or the Soylent itself?


Both. It looks like a bunch of 8 weekers got their emails too.


I’m a June 20th 8-weeker, and I got 3 emails: 2 for the Soylent and 1 for the starter kit.