Order Delays for Soylent


Dear fellow readers -

I placed an order the first week of June and have been receiving emails every so often mentioning my order is almost ready for shipment. Well, after 4 months (they said my order would not get shipped until sometime in October), I figured I’d just ask for a refund, if I have to wait too long for my refund I’m going to complain to Stepen Colbert, who had the CEO on his show. Seems like a great idea, but too much bother trying to get regular shipments.

good luck the rest of you


Er… why?

The shipments are regular, just take a while to start up. Once you get your first order, the shipments are very regular. And bits and pieces of feedback from Rosa Labs around the forums seems to suggest that initial delay will be gone shortly.





People who ordered a couple of days before you are getting their shipping notifications.

You could cancel your order if you really don’t want it, or you could wait about one week you’ll probably see your order shipping.


I believe that was an address confirmation, not a shipping notification on the 5/30/14 order. They’re still in backer orders as far as shipping, though they have said they would be finishing those up soon.


To ask for a refund, you need to email mailto:info@soylent.me.


You’re right. The shipment tracker shows people who ordered in Feb '14 are getting shipped now. So maybe another 3-4 weeks for July orders.