Order Overdue Complaint


I’m posting this here because my emails have been unanswered so far, and while I’m willing to allow extra time for the holiday season (I hope everyone got time with their loved ones even as I complain about slow service) the extra visibility can’t hurt, right?

I placed my order on May 28, 2014. I received a delay notice on July 7, 2014. I received a “shipping soon” address confirmation email on September 19, 2014.

Since then, nothing. No updates, no tracking info, no packages, nada.

On 12/21 I emailed order support and received a form email in reply. That automated reply informed me that if I ordered before June 2014, I should have my order. I do not. Neither do I have a reply yet to my request for a status update.

Again, I am willing to wait additional time in appreciation for the holidays and apparent high volume of com munitions the company is dealing with. I am, however, quite frustrated at this point.

I will wait a couple of weeks, at which point I will be speaking with my credit card company and pursuing a charge back.


Tagging @Soylent to help clear things up.


In worst case, the Soylent team has been good at providing refunds. But it does sound like your order got lost somewhere in the process (We seen a lot of that, and I am sure the moment they actually see this post, they will fix it for you)


@Soylent I am in similar situation. Ordered on 5/28. Delayed on 6/20. Shipping soon address confirmation email on 9/19. Generic support email exchange on 11/12. Nothing since.


@marzolan + @j_mcguirk72 – your Soylent will be shipping in 2-3 business days. Expect the tracking number via email soon after that time frame. Our apologies for the delay in your shipments. Thanks for hanging in there and for keeping in touch with us.


That is awesome. Thank you for getting back to us, and thanks everyone else for your assistance!


@Soylent Oh, I may not have been clear, I never received my starter kit (pitcher and scoop) either, and I know those were shipping separately at one point. Can I expect this in that same time range?


Even though I am extremely curious and would love to try Soylent, until I know that they can ship me an order within a month of ordering and regularly provide new orders – I refuse to purchase. This is the only thing holding me back from subscribing.


The initial wait time is certainly longer than a month, but after you finally receive your first order, you’re in. They’re very good about keeping you stocked.


I’m in the same boat. Ordered in May, resources delay notice. Emailed them and got a response back but it’s been months since they said I should recieve my order. Starter kit and Soylent both :l


Same boat here, ordered May 28th, 2014, Shipping in few weeks email in September 2014. No product as yet… @Soylent, replied to September 19th email today with order number to myorder@soylent.me

No starter kit either…

Hope to hear back soon, looking forward to trying soylent as I pretty much have to make my own right now… DIY soylent site helped bide the time… but going to need to restock protein soon…


@marzolan your starter kit will be included in the same box as your Soylent. Thanks!

@mhop3223 Our apologies for the late shipment of your order. Expect the tracking number via email for your Soylent and starter kit.

@DarcX3 We’d be happy to look into your order – please PM your order details/email.


Package delivered today! Thanks everyone!


My package has been delivered! Thanks and I am really enjoying it. I was worried as I am allergice to wheat, soybean, corn, a slew of vegatables, etc… but the soy in Soylent doesn’t seem to be bothering me!

Thanks, will be ordering more soon.