Order Overlap & Preparing For Things As They Stand Now


So, as it stands now, order fulfillment seems to be hit-or-miss, and delivery dates are far from firm.

I’ve seen people selling their Soylent on eBay for truly galling levels of profit, and while I’m sure I could get some from there, that hardly seems sustainable.

I ordered and paid for my month in BackerKit at the end of April, being as that seemed to be the time where I could afford to float the initial “investment” and have my Soylent in a reasonable time frame, seeing as that money was my food budget for that time period. I’ve since had a minor windfall, and went ahead and started my subscription as well. At this time, I’ve effectively got $510 invested in changing my nutrition & life, which is fine.

My observation here is that it seems this is the only way to make sure that I can have an uninterrupted supply of Soylent, as I feel is necessary to truly reap the benefits Soylent offers. The situation with shipping that Rosa Labs has created seems to be forcing people (though it might just be me) to hedge their bets and simply buy MORE Soylent, which is irksome at best. I don’t mean to heap more questions or criticism on the pile, but I can’t be the only one who’s finically tight here, trying to be hopeful and supportive while watching days tick by and budgets go belly up.

1) How is this going to work, will my BackerKit order ship, immediately followed by my subscription? What’s the gap? What’s the time frame?
2) When will the subscriptions ACTUALLY ship?
3) What the hell is going on?

I really feel like @rob & @JulioMiles really ought to be aware of folks in similar predicaments. I gather that there are those on the forums that can sustain the financial burden of having $500+ tied up for extended amounts of time, and I by no means want a refund. I’d simply like to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe some concrete answers or recognition of the issues are in order.


1) Subscription becomes active as soon as your backer order arrives:

2) Hopefully by the end of the day, @vanclute will be able to speak to the accuracy of the quoted 1-2 week reorder time.
3) Theories we have so far (NOTE: none of these are anything even close to confirmed reasons):

  • FedEx/Manufacturer/ShipperPeople dun goofed, and are not shipping in the order intended
  • Similar to above, some kind of “area consolidation” means that orders are getting grouped a little bit by location, either intentionally or not, for bulk shipping by the carrier.
  • All of the Month+ orders are now grouped together, and within that category, organized by order date.
  • ShipperPeople complications, plus something about an NDA
  • Rosa Labs had to change something, and is waiting for the ability to post something solid about it because bad things happen when they post uncertainties.
  • ??? ?? ??? ??? ??? ?? ? ??? ? ? ???

Maybe there will be a meaningful update this week, maybe not. Julio did clarify recently that some of the smaller orders to arrive early were journalistic/business partners, and that there have been miscommunications with their logistics contractor, perhaps more info is upcoming.

Hopes crushed now?

Just noticed this post, so to chime in…

I did indeed get our Soylent reorder today, 2 weeks exactly from when it was ordered. So that was a big relief, and if that holds then we can figure out a schedule by which we need to place the next order to assure no gap. It’s not a subscription, but until they sort out how multi-person subscriptions are going to work, it’ll have to do.


Thanks for the snappy reply @shadowhawkxx.

@vanclute, That’s great to hear. I’m curious as to the difference for me though, seeing as I’ve got one month in backer kit, and I’ve ALSO started and paid for a subscription.


They’ve mentioned that subscriptions are essentially “paused” until your original order comes in, so unfortunately that probably won’t weigh in on your arrival time in either direction =/


@shadowhawkxx is, per usual, correct.


…wow, it sounds like I’ve made sort of a reputation, I guess :sweat_smile:
Thanks Julio - I just do what I can to be a reasonably Good Discourse Samaritan


@backXslash just as a heads-up, big official thread about this exists now: