Order ready-made Soylent in Europe


Soylent is what I’ve been dreaming of for years - so I’m just as excited as all of you.

Finding a good recipe, getting the ingredients, mixing and keeping track of everything is a daunting task. Is there any interest in buying ready-made soylent? If so, I will put it into maybe 1L bottles and ship it around Europe (to begin with). I think it would still be cheaper than buying food that you make on your own - but you don’t have to make it on your own.

Is there any interest in buying ready-made soylent, especially from europeans?


Yes, I might be interested (living in Sweden). It’s a bit complicated to get all the ingredients here and would be nice not having to order the large quantities of some of the things just to test it. Have you looked at cost of shipping yet? Total cost? What recipe do you use?


There are a few problems associated with your proposition:

  • If you sell something as food, it will have to be regulated, controlled etc, and you might be liable for some negative effects some buyers might experience

  • Bottles - are you talking about liquid Soylent? I’m quite certain that shipping it in a liquid state would be more expensive than normal food

  • Patents: I have no idea how it works with Rob having filed or possibly planning to file for a patent, in the US or here, and if or how that would affect your business. You might need Rob’s / the Soylent Corporation’s permission

Having stated these concerns…I’m actually looking into something similar myself, minus the shipping.
Since it will be quite a while before the official Soylent arrives here, I’m interested in supplying the Dublin area with Soylent and advice until it does.

The biggest issues with taking that any further than mixing at home and reselling to friends and colleagues are regulations and permission to use the name/brand.
For now, I have emailed @Julio_Miles with a question about that last part - we’ll see what they have to say about the matter. :slight_smile:


Hej Klas, jag är också från Sverige :). (Hello Klas, I’m too from Sweden, in Swedish)

Sending 5 litres to Sweden would cost 15€ (128 kronor), but when there’s larger quantities involved the shipping would be cheaper per kilo. If someone orders a months supply then the shipping would be negligible, I suppose.

I would probably go with Rob’s recipe, since I think that is what most people want. It’s kind of having the stable branch of a program, rather than getting some experimental one.

I would buy in bulk, and look for a wholesale, and that would make it cheap, maybe cheaper than people mixing it at home. Can’t say for sure, but will have to investigate pricing strategies before I can say anything about it.


Hey Ben! Thanks for the feedback. Awesome that you’re planning on doing it in Dublin!

If you sell something as food, it will have to be regulated, controlled etc, and you might be liable for some negative effects some buyers might experience

I’ll look into this. Maybe stating that people consuming it do it on their own risk (while I of course do my best - I’ve worked in a restaurant so I at least have the basics of food hygiene)? I’ll have to contact the German authorities about this. This is afaik the biggest hurdle to jump before making this project reality.

Sending a powder and letting people add water themselves may be better - and more eco-friendly than shipping water around the continent.

Patents: I have no idea how it works with Rob having filed or possibly planning to file for a patent, in the US or here, and if or how that would affect your business. You might need Rob’s / the Soylent Corporation’s permission

Patents won’t be a problem - the only thing would maybe be to use the name Soylent. Then I’d just use another name, and state that it is made with Rob’s soylent recipie.


Of course there is. Belgium here.
I suppose it could be shipped within the European Union without too much hassle.


Interest, also from Belgium (Gent)!

I agree with the previous posters, won’t repeat their comments. Another requirement for me is an exact list of ingredients (and where they came from, e.g., not just “3g of Potassium”, but “3g of Potassium as delivered by 20g of Potassium Gluconate”).

More interested if someone with lab expertise gets on board. Involving others from this board is also a plus towards the reliability.

Even more interested if you would supply an option that is basically Soylent minus the carb and protein content, as this means less shipping and adding those two by yourself is fairly trivial. However, I understand I may be somewhat alone in this.

Not interested if water has been added or contents are not specified to a meaningful degree.


Nice to have other swedes aboard. But I get the impression you don’t live in Sweden?

I agree, I’d rather add my own water. Would lower the shipping price as well as increase the shelf time. Also agree that a more exact list of ingredients would be preferred like dvorkbod suggests. I’ve had some thoughts about the high proportion of carbs used in Soylent. An option with Soylent minus carbs and protein sounds good to me too. Those ingredients account for a big part of the weight, might wanna be changed by the consumer and are fairly easy to find elsewhere. Perhaps two options would be possible without too much extra work (with or without carbs and protein). Shipping doesn’t seem to be a big issue, especially if water’s excluded!


An exact list of ingredients and amounts is not just preferred, but required, at least due to Irish statues concerning anything sold as a “food supplement” - and those statues come from EU/EC directives.

Some Ireland specific examples of these statues that could be a problem:

Only a certain list of vitamins and minerals is approved for use in food supplements, and this list does not include:

  • Any source of Choline/B4
  • Any source of Sulfur
  • Monosodium Phosphate, which many of us are using as a Phosphor source

Of course you can at least buy MSM here without any problems, so it is possible to sell stuff that is not on the list. You would have to get it manually approved each time though.

The labelling rules here are pretty common sense: ingredients, amounts, % of RDA, maximum dosage of the product (Soylent), some warnings, and so on.

This is just the food supplement legislation btw, I have not yet looked into general food law, which also applies to any food supplements.


If I remember correctly, stevia powder was for this reason first sold as “for external use”, not having been vetted for consumption yet. Something similar could perhaps be a temporary solution here.


Definitely interested, also I’m another Swede.


VERY interested, from Denmark. Please make this happen :slight_smile:


Very interested too, from France.

A good initiative to create a Soylent community in Europe. But Soylent (Corporation) team statued on Twitter

we are working to have a date for international finalized before the end of the campaign. We will offer a refund if we can’t.

Do we have to wait a response about the “official” Soylent to be shipped (or not) in Europe?

Furtherthemore, maybe we can ask for some help to Mikko Ikola, a Finnish who drink a DIY Soylent for a while and who have funded a “Soylent Bar” in Helsinki.

Quantified Self Finland

I would be interested in purchasing Soylent in Poland :slight_smile:


Interested, but only in powdered form.


I am for now providing my formula to a few people (see http://soylentben.wordpress.com/2013/05/24/day-23-customization-and-optimization-and-sharing/), and also driving it to them - I’ve got someone with a car for it now, so larger amounts are also possible.

Sadly though, this is only possible within Ireland - it’s not a business, and I do not ship, only “deliver”.


I would love it, HOWEVER, I wouldn’t feel right “taking away” from the Soylent company by buying a copycat.
Rob is having some trouble with the permits to sell outside the US. If there is reason to believe it would be easier to create a “second” Soylent company (like franchising) to produce and sell Soylent in Europe, I think it would be an amazing idea. Go talk to Rob about it. =)


I do have an open query with them about doing something in Europe, which is yet to be answered.

For me, the main reason I’m distributing some of mine in Ireland, is that it will take quite a while before the official Soylent becomes available here. Of course I can’t look into other people’s heads, but I would bet that their main reason for selling theirs is the same.

=> If Rob’s Soylent was available in our countries already, we wouldn’t dream of taking his business away. =)


I’m in Hamburg, Germany and very interested in purchasing while we are waiting for the “official” version to available.

As with the others, I’d like to buy powder not liquid form.


Doubt patents are an issue. I live in EU and have a lot of experience filing patents here. No doubt you can hack around it, but in my experience:

  • you can’t patent recipes in the EU
  • there needs to be a non-obvious inventive step
  • it’d only become an issue if/when it’s granted and that will take at least 3 years in EU; I’ve had some take 5 years
  • patents are pretty much invalid here if you have already disclosed them publicly, which he has

IANAL but I suspect this will be legally copied freely over here.