Order Soylent to Sydney


@aussiesoylent Hi, I’d like to order soylent to Sydney


For lowercase ‘s’ soylent (AKA DIY), try powderedfoords.com. If you want capital-‘S’ “official” Soylent from Rosa Labs, well, get in line. They’re not doing international orders yet. I’m guessing we’ll have to wait until the end of the year or maybe early 2015 before us poor sods living in non-America can have a taste of this stuff.

Or you could try to score some on Ebay, but that’s not encouraged and you won’t be able to get a regular supply.


I’m in Perth. I got my Soylent recently via a reshipping service. Worth looking in to, only thing to be aware of is that it costs $$ to have a fairly large box couriered here.