Ordered a custom glass to measure calories/meals


I didn’t have a standard glass to drink soylent, and so my meals were inconsistent in size. Also, I swirl water in the glass to get what sticks on the side after I’ve finished, and I needed something with a wide bottom to prevent a spill.

Enter the custom soylent glass I ordered. I had calorie amounts marked on the glass so I know how much I’m drinking for every meal, and it has a wide bottom which makes it easy to swirl water without spills.

This is a problem I’ve solved, if it’s a problem for you, respond here and I can increase my order size?


Will probably get more interest if you include a picture or link to this glass. Personally I’m not clear on how you “order a custom glass”. Is that a thing?


I’m happy with my current setup, but am curious about what it is and where you bought it from. Link?


Maybe he customized it and his glass has no bottom or something like that :slight_smile: