Ordered a month before my friend, but he just received his order first!


I’ve been insanely patient, but I’m officially fed up.

I ordered a month supply of Soylent on the first day of the crowd funding campaign (more than a year ago). I was one of the first orders.

I received my starter kit some 6+ weeks ago now, but still no Soylent.

One of my friends ordered a month worth of Soylent more than SIX months after I did. And guess what? He just received his starter kit and Soylent the other day.

This disgusts me. My order should have been much further in front of the queue than his, but I’m still waiting, and waiting, and waiting.

@JulioMiles, I expect a reply to this immediately.


why don’t you people just email them directly? posting crap on here like that makes you seem deranged tbf


What email can we send to that will actually result in a reply? Do you know?


I’ve had no problem reaching them at info@soylent.me


Info@soylent.me , help@soylent.me, julio@soylent.me, matt@soylent.me. Or you could click on the contact link on the Soylent.me home page. Be sure to include your email you used when you placed your order.


They’re either swamped or not answering some types of emails. I’m waiting, but I think mine is the type not to be answered. I wish they’d at least let me know if that was the case. I’m hanging here in limbo and it’s killing me.


Are you sure you friend only ordered one month? Did you see his soylent? Does he maybe know someone at rosa labs?

Did he get a shipping email? Is he closer to CA than you?

Last they said they were shipping 2 month orders. So for him to get 1 month so soon makes me wonder if something is up.


Good point. More data is needed. Ooh! They could have their friend reorder for them and get it in 1-2 weeks! :slight_smile: I’d do that but I’m first in my area to order and everyone’s going the buying through me once mine comes in. At least till the shipping is quicker.


Your order has been shipped. The shipping queue isn’t perfect, so thanks for bringing this issue to our attention. Enjoy your Soylent.


So @JulioMiles does this mean you’re now shipping 1 month orders? And if so should people with greater than 1 month orders have received and email?


You are there! Man is that a load off. It’s comforting to know. :slight_smile: happy Monday!


@JulioMiles I also ordered a month supply of Soylent on the first day of crowd funding. When can I expect mine to ship?

Edit: it shipped!


I can confirm that I just received my shipping confirmation and tracking number. Still extremely annoyed… I wonder how long I would have had to wait had I not had a friend that I knew for certain ordered WELL after me. Ugh!!!


And how long you’d have to wait if you didn’t make a big stink of the forums. I may need to make my own post since I ordered 5 weeks and surely I should be getting it before you


Right, but according to @DriveByAbuser I’m deranged, right?!? lol


Why would one call reasonable criticism crap? Why would one try to suppress the freedom of speech in a public forum? One would have to be a blind follower, which will always be a dangerous thing.


Maybe send an email, subject: “My 1+ month order”. Thanks to @champs for pointing out this tweet:


For whatever it’s worth (which ain’t much I imagine), there is no “freedom of speech” here since this is a privately owned site. The owner can do whatever he/she wants here, including censor, edit, ban, etc.


You are right, I guess I was more speaking about the ideal state + between regular users there very well is freedom of speech. If the site owners decide to delete specific posts, well than be it, but regular users for sure should not try to suppress the speech of other users.

“Blessed are those who have nothing to say and nevertheless decide to keep their mouth shut.” - Oscar Wilde
(referring to @DriveByAbuser here)


Well I mailed them about my 6 week order. Will see if I get a reply in a timely manner. Ordered 1mo 11/13/13 and added 2 weeks on 04/24/14