Ordered May 27 - Tracker shows June orders already being fulfilled - Should I worry?


I ordered on May 27th. I totally get that Soylent is a new company and I’m ok with waiting for my order but I saw that many people (according to the soylent tracker) that have order in June have already received their soylent. Should I be worried about not having heard anything?


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I don’t know how loose they are with their timelines, but their shipping hasn’t followed a strict first come-first served order, it seems to be more of a window. If a May 28th order shippped, that doesn’t necessarily mean every single May 27th order went out, but you can expect they won’t be far behind.They have two different facilities shipping to different regions, so I’m not surprised if they get out of sync at times.


I’m more concerned that there seems to be a communication blackout again - always seems to happen when they have fulfillment problems.

I received an email saying my order would ship in a few weeks almost two months ago, and nothing since. All my requests for information on the boards have been ignored.