Ordered twice (January and May) - Neither have arrived, and my account doesn't exist anymore


So I originally ordered in early January of this year. 1 week of soylent. ($65)

After the launch, I purchased some through the subscription method ($130) for two weeks/14 bags. (May 7th)

So far, I have yet to receive any word on either of them. I saw someone’s shipment was delayed, so I went in to my account to see when my shipment date was… or at least I tried.

Currently, I apparently do not have an account because there isn’t one that has been created that is associated with my email address.

So as of right now, they have ~$200 of my preorder money… but I have no way to access anything. I don’t have any accounts attached and no record of payment. Luckily I paid with bitcoin so I know the exact day that I paid.

I’m pretty frustrated. Not only have some people received their 2nd and 3rd shipments, the subscription orders were supposed to be shipped within “10-12 weeks regardless of size”. It’s not the 13th week and I haven’t heard anything, nor even received my first order.

I don’t even know if I can get a refund at this point because my account somehow doesn’t even exist.

Can anyone help me figure out what’s going on and if I’ll ever get my Soylent?


tagging @MattCauble here so he can look into this for you.


Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’m still very hopeful that Soylent is going to work as well as I expect! I just don’t like that some red tape is getting in the way.


If you ordered through the website you have to create an account using the email you supplied during the order process. The account is not automatically created. One you make the account, you’ll be able to manage/view your subscriptions.

It’s definitely weird and confused me when I tried, but the above method does when.


Ok! I’ll try that. Hopefully all goes well. Let’s hope my shipping date is reasonable.


Alright… I did that, but it says that I have no invoices at all. All my credit card information is in there, and I was charged, but there’s no information. The payment history area is blank.

Edit: Went back to my Credit Card company. I found the transaction. It was $130 for two weeks, and there wasn’t a refund or anything given.


You’re subscription won’t arrive until 1-2 weeks after your initial order. Which won’t arrive until they get to shipping late 1 week orders.

You have to reregister with the new site to see your info. There was an email on how to do this 2 months ago or so


That’s disconcerting… The first order was through crowdtilt, correct? If so, I believe their current policy is they won’t provide estimates for individual orders. But the whole mass of backer orders is supposed to be fulfilled by about two and a half months from now. It might be possible that they don’t add in your subscription until your initial order ships. But I would get an official answer from Rosa Labs, if I were you.



The first one was through the soylent.backkit site. Not sure if that was crowdtilt or not.


So if I were to just order a brand new set in May, I would have gotten everything faster than ordering in January? That doesn’t make sense. People are getting their subscriptions filled faster than I am getting my original order.


No. May 6th and on orders won’t ship until all backers have


That’s the one. And the new orders are being delayed so they can focus on the remaining backer orders. As neebs said, backers still have priority.


No, you would not have gotten it faster. No one whose order was for 1-week, 2-weeks, or 3-weeks has yet received their Soylent, unless they specified w/o Oil, or they are a journalist. Currently RosaLabs is shipping out the 4-week backer orders. Anyone who is actively receiving subscription re-orders already received their initial backer order. Your subscription activates once you receive your initial backer order. Subscribing does not separately move people to the front of the shipping queue, it just ensures continuity of supply once their supply has begun.


Ah that’s where the confusion came in.

It still makes me upset that they are filling the re-orders of those who already received it over those who haven’t received any yet.


On top of everything though… I still don’t know where my second shipment is or if it’ll go through. It shows I have a canceled subscription, but there are no invoices. I was definitely charged already though… Still confused on this.


I’m sure you will feel otherwise once you are yourself requiring re-orders. In any case, at the rate they are burning through the shipping queue at present (which represents a very significant ramp-up) I won’t be surprised if they complete all backer shipments well ahead of the current official estimate of 8-10 weeks.


I’m not optimistic… I’m still bitter from mine being estimated to be shipped by May at the latest. I will be shocked if I have it in 2 months.