Ordering from Canada to deliver to US address?

So I’m getting tired of waiting for Soylent to come back to Canada. Going to take a trip to the US to pick it up.

(1) anyone know if its possible to order from Canada to deliver to the US?
(2) does anyone know if any good deals are coming up?

Lots of older posts on this but in summary, yes. Though my Canadian credit card with a Canadian billing address stopped being accepted about a year ago. So that could be a problem.

I’m assuming because it was a Canadian Card and not some other reason?

Yes, you can still do it and my Canadian credit card works just fine. Had to open a new account on the soylent website though.

Tried to order, site rejected me when I put in the Canadian billing address. Contacted support, to ask if there us any way to order from Canada. No help. They say their credit card processor only supports US zip codes.

I’m pretty dissapointed, as they’ve been saying they are trying to get it back in Canada. This seems like a move in the wrong direction.

Google mail forwarding. I got medicines in Russia that weren’t sold in Russia. If you tell Soylent you are in Canada, they won’t do it, but if you just subscribe from a US address, it shouldn’t be hard, especially if you can pick up in the US.

Its the payment that is screwing things up… as soon as I put in my Canadian credit card they tell me to take a hike,

Wierd, i just ordered soylent last month with a canadian cc. If your trying to order from an online account you used when they shipped to Canada it wont work. I had to open up a new account and use a different email address. Use all U.S addresses and it should work.

I just checked my account and I used a U.S. address for my billing address with a canadian cc, it works.