Ordering Pitcher?


@JulioMiles @MattCauble

I have an interesting query…

I want to buy one of the pitchers you have since I cant find something here similar or cheaper here in Australia. At the same time would it be possible to put in a single day of soylent as a “taster sample”? :smile:

Been patiently waiting from the very beginning… but would be good to get a taste!




FYI, I bought it off Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00CYAIRG8/

Don’t know about the shipping to Australia…


That’s a great idea. A Starter Kit ordered from the website could contain the pitcher, a scoop, and a bag of Soylent in the pitcher.


Contact the manufacturer re: global dealers - http://www.takeyausa.com/


Still trying to source one of these.

Can drop ship one from Soylent - US Reposter - Ireland but its stupid money for a pitcher.
Amazon US have them, wont ship here. Amazon UK dont have em.
Ebay has em, but US Sellers only, shipping and import taxes again are crazy.
Takeya are US Only and only have one dealer, in Mexico.

So the two alternatives Ive found are:


Neither of which are as sleek as Soylents own one. I may get that through a relative in a few months if he’s travelling this way but if anyone finds a decent way of getting one in the meantime please let us know.


I found these locally for AUD$38 and they will ship OS for AUD$15


They are takeya bottles as they have their instructions etc inside the bottle… they just dont label it on the outside.

Hope this helps.


Bormioli Rocco’s glass, hermetically sealed 2-liter Frigoverre pitchers are made in Italy and can surely be shipped to the UK, but I don’t know from there. They’re readily available in the US and a lot of us prefer them to the Takeya. (The retail price is about the same.)


Might just order one from them if they’ll ship here, cant find a shipping info & returns page on their site (Shoot their webdev).


Shipping Info: http://www.t2tea.com/utilities/shipping/

More info and returns (bottom of page) http://www.t2tea.com/utilities/terms/


Look good for storing but dont know how well the lid will stay on when shaking up the soylent… lid doesnt look like its screwed on.


Ideally you buy the Bormioli Rocco Frigoverre 2L jug, instead of this 1L one, because 2 liters holds a full mixed packet of Soylent. That dealer doesn’t seem to stock the larger size, though.

But if you can find it, or if you’re willing to measure a half-portion in this one-liter pitcher, don’t fret about the lid. It screws a rubber gasket snug against the inner lip of the pitcher and makes a great seal. I shake mine sideways and upside down, which is only a problem if I’ve forgotten to tighten the lid in the first place. (Don’t ever do that.)


It looks like shipping costs (USPS) runs about $25 for 2 pitchers, with the pitchers costing about $15 for a pair.