Ordering replacement Fish Oil only


Due to various moving around some of my Fish Oil has been stored in a very hot environment. I’m not sure the oil is in a good condition (but would like to know any tips to check), but I think I might need to order some replacement oil.

Is there some way to order /just/ oil shipments?


Probably difficult, but just in case it’s possible @JulioMiles.

If it isn’t think about supplementing with grapeseedoil + canola oil @anxcho is doing a lot of DIY and can probably provide more helpful insight.


I haven’t received my Soylent yet, but I would suggest getting some Coromega. Its almost like yogurt, comes in little single serve packets, and is super bioabsorbable. You would just take it separate from the Soylent (I support you could mix it in…)…I’d actually like to keep using Coromega rather than Soylent’s fish oil b/c I find I get nasty burps when I consume fish oil…but not with Coromega. :smile:


If it smells like fish, it’s usually rancid.