Ordering Soylent right before the holidays, invalid address

I was thinking about getting my new years resolution started early. With an Elliptical arriving next week, I thought I would order 7 days worth of Soylent (35 meals) to end December. I actually plan on a 2 week subscription starting in January. So I ordered and I see “invalid address” on my new Soylent subscription. Problem is, my address is valid, obviously because I’m living here. No matter how many variations of my address I enter in the form, it still says “invalid address”.

And I understand all or most of the Soylent staff are out for the holidays. I guess my question here is, if your address is “valid” and you order Soylent between now and anytime next week, does your order process and ship? I’m imagining my order is in limbo and will remain there until after the holidays. ??? Curiosity.

Happy Holidays 2016-2017. :slight_smile:

I think a lot of the staff remains, because they just released a new version of the powdered Soylent and a lot of other stuff is going on. It’s like during wartime – all leave is cancelled. Report to battle stations! Or at least it should be.

You can write directly to customer service; give them the details of your order and tell them your concerns. The most important information is your email address – make sure you use the same email address in your communications, because that is how they identify you. Be sure to tell them about the invalid address problem.

I just got a big order of Soylent yesterday that I hadn’t paid for till Wednesday, so I know they were on the ball in my case.

There is a form you can fill out on the site to contact them with. There might be some holiday delay, but I expect that you will be looking at bottles or boxes within ten days of your order, or sooner.

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Try removing any periods (or any extra punctuation?) from your address.

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No one at “Soylent” handles distribution. It’s their subcontractors that would be working under your slave labor during the holidays regime.

Which elliptical did you get?

If you have an apartment number, put that at the end of the address 1 and leave address 2 blank.

1234 Nowhere Ln #123
Nowhere, CA 12345

1234 Nowhere Ln
Apt 123
Nowhere, CA 12345

@Ode, NordicTrack 16.9

Thanks everyone, for the input and information. My address is abbreviated or simplified as much as it can be, no periods, commas, apostrophes’, etc. I’ve actually subscribed to Soylent a few times in the past 2 years, and I’ve had a similar problem to this before. On my order history, the current address is the same exact address as all of my past orders. The older; canceled subscriptions do indicate the address is valid, which is my current address. The way I fixed it before was through contacting Soylent customer service via the “Report a problem” button on their product page. So before I even posted here, that is what I did, and I received a friendly automated message from Rosa Labs / Soylent saying the following,

Thank you for contacting Soylent!
We respond to 100% of customer inquiries individually and investigate all potential issues carefully.
We appreciate our team’s hard work this year and have given them time off through the New Year’s holiday to be with their families and loved ones. We apologize for any delay this may cause in responding to your request.
Many thanks and Happy Holidays,
Soylent Customer Care

If their staff is out for the holidays, its not a big deal. It just means I’ll have a 3rd box of Soylent to get me started in 2017, when I switch to the 14 bags (2 boxes) subscription. The crux of why I posted this here on the board was to make it more visible to any lurking staff in passing who may be able to help. If not, its understandable with it being the holidays. I’ve been so busy the last few months, I never even noticed that today was Xmas Eve, always running around busy myself.

Happy holidays, all.


I’m always around :smiley:

Reach out to info@soylent.com we will resend you package to the correct address. Seems like there might be a glitch. Don’t worry you will receive what you paid for.


Thank you for the quick response. I just e-mailed the address you provided. Now, I just wait until I hear back.

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