Ordering Vegan Soylent


I’m interested in trying vegan soylent, but I couldn’t find a way to specify this on the order form. Am I missing something? What do I need to do to order vegan soylent?


Have you received a Backerkit invite? There’s a survey in there where you can choose vegan/regular.


The Backerkit invite is where you specify this, but theres no need to sweat it either way. The regular Soylent is just the vegan blend plus a bottle of oil. I guess depending on your reasons for going vegan you may be opposed to wasting animal products as well.


I have not, I was just trying to buy from the main page. Do you place the order first and then specify that it’s vegan through Backerkit? The Backerkit survey description says you can “choose from addtional Soylent products to add to your order,” but it doesn’t mention modifying an existing order. Obviously I’m hesitant to order $65 worth of inedible food.


See above regarding inedibility, but yes you’ll get an email requesting several pieces of info needed to complete the order.


Also, not that this would happen, even if you got the non-vegan variety of Soylent, all you would need to do is discard the oil blend and stick with the powder. The fish oil is the only non-vegan ingredient.


This is all very helpful. Thank you.


So the big question now is:
what are the nutritional values of the oil and what´s it best to be replaced with?


In order to achieve a fully balanced nutritional content, you will need to supplement each day of Soylent with the following:

.77g DHA
1.15 g EPA
48g unsaturated fat

Shamelessly stolen from @vanclute: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Soylent-Official-1-0-Powdered-Food-Meal-Replacement-Complete-Nutrition-/181401802201?


I’d still personally love to hear an easy answer to this. We looked at capsule supplements and the number of capsules that would be required for the DHA/EPA every day was pretty crazy. Frankly I’m fairly certain I’ve gone my entire life without much (if any) of these things in my diet, so I’m not really sure I believe in their importance… but if I can get them in a convenient non-animal form factor then I would like to add them.