Orders to Europe


Hey guys, just ordered a monthly sub of soylent. :smiley:
I live in Europe and the shipping adress is placed here aswell so i just wanted to ask you guys if someone knows if it will be sent in the next couple of weeks or if the other dates that they wrote (July-August) is the ones to follow?
i appreciate the answers, and i am really exited for the soylent to arrive :smiley:


Did international shipping start? I thought it was slated for end of the year?


Hi. Since you haven’t gotten a reply yet, I will try to help you. I believe the last official timeline was that they wanted to start shipping international orders before the end of the year. Since then, they have said that they actually can no longer give an estimate at this time. Honestly, I would not expect international orders until the beginning of next year at the earliest. So, you would be/have been charged up front, but not receive your product until much later. You are basically reserving your spot by pre-ordering. If that is not a good option for you, Rosa Labs has been very flexible with refunds. You would just need to send an email to info@soylent.me Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.


Soylent will not be shipped internationally until around the beginning of next year. If you want it sooner, you’ll need to have it shipped to an address in the USA and then have it re-shipped to Europe.
Edit: And, if you don’t want to wait that long or pay for re-shipping, you can always email mailto:info@soylent.me for a refund.