Organic & commercial alternative to Soylent


While waiting for my Solyent 1.0 to come, I started looking more into DIY soylent market, and then out of curiosity, I typed “soylent” in amazon. Two meal replacement products came up on my search, both organic and raw.

One is Garden of Life RAW Meal. They have flavors like vanilla, chocolate, etc.

The other one was The Ultimate Life - The Ultimate Meal which you’re supposed to blend with a banana and an apple.

I couldn’t make DIY myself because time was my biggest concern. I thought about buying from DIY market, but they felt either expensive, or too off with nutrients (too much of certain nutrients are dangerous), or felt a bit too… DIY.

So I ordered one Garden of Life RAW Meal. (2 day shipping from amazon… BOOM!) It’s only missing copper, and a bit low on a few micro nutrients, but has live probiotics and enzymes that Soylent lacks. They don’t recommend completely replacing 100% of your meals, though.

I’ve been on it for 2 days now (1-2 meals per day) and they taste great. I’m a bit more gas-y but no headache. I just thought I’d mention them in case people didn’t know there were commercial alternatives in powder form.