Original backer 2 week orders?


So I ordered 1 week of soylent when i originally backed the project in 2013. Then I added another week. I am moving in two weeks and i was wondering if i am going to get my order in time. I haven’t even gotten my kit with the pitcher.

Any other original backers still waiting?


Yes, other original backers are still waiting.


Now I am not sure whether to ask them to ship to current address or my future one.


Worst case you can tell FedEx to hold it and you can go pick it up. If you apply for an account on their web site it is really easy to set up holds and delivery changes.


If it doesn’t ship before then you can email them or ask @JulioMiles, @MattCauble, or @ana to change your shipping address. They supposedly sent out address confirmation emails to some individuals, though its not changeable by the user in their current system.


I Just received my 2-week order today. I ordered in May '2013. Proof that 2-week orders are beginning to go out. On the Soylent Tracker there are only a couple that are 2-week orders shipped. As always, your mileage may vary.


:smiley: that’s awesome to hear! I look forward to the backer orders finishing.


I was an original backer and I just received mine last week.


Holy balls! I just got the email that FedEx labels have been printed for both the starter kit and my 2 week order! YESSSSSS!