Original Formula - want it?

I still have a box of original formula, if anyone is into the old school mix. They’ve been kept in a cupboard in my kitchen, still in the original shipping box, so there’s no risk of mold or rodents or whatever.

I have 3 still sealed boxes of 7 bags each, and 5 individual bags.

The boxes will be $100, bags will be $15 each, via paypal, plus actual shipping. My zip is 49002 if you want to estimate shipping costs. As I sell clothing, I do have a shipping setup and bulk rates so actual may be a bit cheaper than the calculator gives you.

Thought I’d ask y’all before I put them on Ebay.

I doubt you’ll get those prices, but you may also want to try https://www.reddit.com/r/SoylentMarket/

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That’s a pretty steep price for expired food.


I tend to agree. The current price for new Soylent is ~$7.71 per bag ($54/box), shipping included.

You would imagine older versions would be significantly less unless someone is really into retro Soylent or really wanting to try the initial version or something.