Original pouches discontinued or just backordered?


I’m considering switching back to Soylent but it looks like original pouches aren’t available on soylent.com or Amazon. What gives?


not seeing any issue here


I also didn’t see an availability issue but Soylent very sneakily increased the price of a week of original powder to put it in line with the price of cacao powder. October was 54 dollars per 7 pouches for original and 60.80 for cacao. I didn’t get an email about the price increase did anyone else?


So as it turns out if you follow the link to buy powder that’s halfway down the home page, you go here: https://soylent.com/products/powder-cacao-pouch

And the options are thus:

But if you use the link to buy powder that appears under the “Shop” section in the navigation header you go here: https://soylent.com/products/powder-cacao which DOES allow you to select original pouches.

Something the web team should look at I suppose. Unless of course it’s intentional and they’re trying to slowly steer people towards tubs…

If you go here you again don’t have pouches as an option for original: https://soylent.com/products/powder-original-tub (Though it says “Also available in pouch” in the description…)


Yeah, I brought up a similar issue recently where Original Powder was unavailable to purchase from your subscription/account page but was available to purchase on the main page.

And I also just noticed that they increased the price of Original Powder. I assume it will be like when they increased the price of Original Drink and people (me) who had subscriptions prior to the price change were grandfathered into the older, cheaper price.


This all would have at least been acknowledged by @Conor in the past, and yet @soylent_team is completely silent.


Thanks for tagging us and bringing this to our attention. In our powder reorganizing, it looks like a link needs to be updated. We’ll make the fix!
– John


We did change the subscription discount from 15% to 5% to bring it in line with our other flavors. No email was sent about this because we will grandfather anyone who is subscribed or has EVER subscribed to Original powder in at that 15% discount rate. Hope this clears things up.

– John


Thanks for the clarification; I was wondering about that too! I know this is sort of a niche question, but if someone thusly “grandfathered in” to the lower Original price adjusted their subscription to Cacao for one month and then went back to Original the next, would the Original be at a 5% or 15% discount?


I will have to double check on this specific instance, but at this time, we can not guarantee that changing products within a subscription will keep you at the 15% if you return. Your best bet would be to cancel and start a new subscription of another flavor.
– John

EDITED: clarified how the grandfathering works


Not sure but I was a powder subscriber long before Cacao was released. My original price has been 54 dollars per case as long as I can remember and my Cacao price is 60.80 per case. I wanted to do the math (because I can’t help myself) and here is what I found. If indeed my subscription discount was 15% prior to this ‘restructuring’, that would make the monthly cost per case of $54.40, which is close…but not $54.00. So either Soylent was throwing away that 40 cents per case per subscriber or the numbers don’t add up. This is for a base price of $64.00 which I am almost sure that wasn’t the price for original when I started my sub in 2016 and I have no way of knowing because when the website was refactored that information was wiped. Just to be clear that I am throwing this out there only for the sake of argument because I am in no way dissatisfied with the product, the price or the level of customer service that I have received since becoming a Soylent customer; I just don’t sense the level of transparency that most of us veterans to the forums are accustomed to. Care to comment if you like @soylent_team


Immediately leading up to this change, the price of subscription was $54.40, not $54. If you were paying $54 at some point, it may have been a previously grandfathered rate. Prices have changed (in both directions) over time, so you likely have paid different amounts if you’ve been with us for some time. If you would like to dig deeper into your records, the good people on our customer service team may be able to help!
– John


Will I continue to receive my lower subscription rate if I increase the number of cases in my subscription order? Same Original powder, different amount?


This will not affect your discount rate.