Original Powder 1.9 released


It was announced yesterday, but no one is discussing it yet? Here you go:

TLDR: the pouches are shipping now, the tubs are coming soon. Sounds like it should match the specs and consistency of Cacao Powder 1.9.

I coincidently ordered new Original Powder yesterday, so I hope that the box is 1.9.


I’m guessing 1.9 still not allowed in Canada?


New formulas always make me nervous, I’m left to wonder if I’ll like it or not. The change is almost always jarring to some degree, but after a few weeks I’m usually okay with it. But I’m sure this will be for the best, it always has been in the past.


When is Soylent coming to Europe? I’ve been patiently waiting since the beginning of Soylent.


Not yet, but we’re still working on it, promise!
– John



(yes, Discourse, this is a complete sentence)


…and Canada? Is it ever coming back?


Got my 1.9 yesterday… like the cacao powder it’s creamier and less gritty than 1.8. I’d also say a bit more neutral on taste as well. Will see how it plays out with regard to satiation. I did find cacao powder more satiating than 1.8 or 2.0 but this could be entirely in my head…


We’re working on it! It’s a long road but we’re on it.


I got 1.9 yesterday and I’m liking it already. In fact, this is the first version of powder that I like the taste of as well as or maybe even better than 2.0.

I’m not noticing grit at all and the taste is less sweet to me, which is a big plus (you can sweeten Soylent yourself but it’s hard to un-sweeten it).

It may be my imagination, but I think it even mixes better too in the container.


Is the original 1.9 powder essentially the same ingredient and nutritional formulation as the cacao 1.9 but without the flavor?


To me this seems more like a tweak than a substantive change. I compared the 2 labels and spotted only a couple of minor differences - I’ve already forgotten what they are. A pinch more of this, a few drops less of that.

1.9 seems to taste a little better - they needed to do something about that fishy taste, which seemed to linger even after they stopped the algae oil. I thought eating algae oil was kind of cool, but I guess it had some side effects.


This is my first time trying soylent and I purchased the bags, but noticed upon my first drink that it doesn’t come with a scoop? I felt all the bags and emptied the box but couldn’t find one. I’m okay with weighing out the grams but thought it strange that it shows you how to measure a serving with a scoop but none is provided.

So far, I love the consistency and texture. The flavor is bland but in a great way.


If you mix up a batch at once then you use the whole bag. If you want to make only a meal at a time, then take approximately the amount you want per meal; e.g., for 250kcal meals, take about a quarter of the bag. You don’t need it to be exact, as long as you make four meals out of what is in the bag, it will all average out to 250kcal per meal, and your body is pretty good at smoothing small things out.


I think your math was wrong. A whole bag is 2000kcal, so a quarter bag is 500kcal. Personally, I make 3 meals a day.


@wms Yeah, that wasn’t helpful. Soylent states to drink what you mix within 2 days. I don’t plan on drinking an entire bag that fast. When counting macros it’s not as effecient to measure out the liquid after you’ve mixed in everything. And for meal prepping in my life, it’s easier to measure out the powder and set it aside for when I’m ready to use it.

@JeffLeBert you’re correct, one bag is indeed 2,000 cal.

My point was that the measurements on the bag, for the Original 1.9 mind you, are not very clear. They state to use a rounded scoop which equals approximately 1/3 cup, which didn’t come with it. But the serving size they state is 1/2 or 2/3 cup and that each bag contains about 7-8 servings. If you really tried to squeeze 8 servings out of the bag, you’d need the 1/2 cup servings. If you opted for the “full” 400 cal serving at 2/3 cup, two scoops would suffice but only give you 5 servings in the entire bag.

Just my two cents.


They do sell a scoop, but it’s sold out at the moment. Soylent is a powder, so volume measurements aren’t precise. If you don’t need precision, you can eyeball it. If you need it to be precise every time you’ll need to use a scale anyway.


Yeah, I saw that they sell one, but I already stated earlier that I’m fine weighing it out.


Soylent does, but:

In my experience, Soylent is still good 4-5 days after preparing (there are some minor, to me, taste/texture changes after a few days but nothing that would make me not drink it).

So they don’t give new customers the starter kit (scoop/pitcher) anymore?


@Vonwinzen - Personally, I use a food scale and that works out quite nicely.