Original Powder 1.9 released


Not that I could find. The “bag” purchase comes with 7 bags and a receipt. Not sure what the tubs come with.
My friend who told me about soylent a couple years ago did 100% soylent and he was excited because it came with a pitcher and whatnot.


Finally tried 1.9 today, the texture was rather interesting. It was kind of creamy, very pleasant. The taste was okay I guess, it wasn’t quite as good as 1.8 imo, but it certainly wasn’t bad by any means just slightly less pleasant than 1.8.

Oddly, I noticed more hunger than usual today. It could be factors beyond Soylent, but time will tell.

I would give it an “A” if it weren’t for the hunger thing. But again, that might not be related.

Edit/Update - After having used the new powder for about a week now, I can say that the hunger was unrelated to Soylent. Also (as expected) I quickly adapted to the new taste and have no problems with it now, and I’m still loving the texture. So as an addendum, I give it an “A”.


Until you’ve fallen asleep at night with the crust of a half eaten slice of pizza in one hand and an empty bag of Soylent powder softly cradled in the other arm you’ll just never understand what it’s truly been like for the last year. :weary::nauseated_face::canada::fire::us:


I’ve been using bottles of 2.0 for months now. I gave 1.9 a try, but it’s still too sweet (both as far as sugar content compared to 2.0, and as far as my taste preferences).

I’ve also been trying Huel, which is vastly better from a sugar point of view and seems better at making me feel full, but tastes pretty uninspiring. Currently experimenting with a 50/50 Soylent/Huel blend.