Original recipe


I want to make my own Soylent but can’t seem to find the original recipe/what ingredients to put in it. Help?!


Welcome to the forum!
I’d recommend going to http://diy.soylent.me to get started.

http://diy.soylent.me/recipes/people-chow-301-tortilla-perfection is a popular one, and is fairly easy to make, but it isn’t the same as “Factory Soylent.”

If you want one similar to the real thing, I’d recommend looking at @BriBy’s recipe: http://diy.soylent.me/recipes/bulletproof-soylent-people-chow-with-oat-flour-similar-to-official-soylent

The Official Soylent formula is in these 3 blog posts:

  1. http://blog.soylent.me/post/68180382810/soylent-1-0-macronutrient-overview
  2. http://blog.soylent.me/post/69835344439/soylent-micronutrient-breakdown
  3. http://blog.soylent.me/post/73232819517/there-is-more-to-food-than-nutrition-even-a


The factory Soylent will be difficult to replicate, some of the ingredients will be especially hard to source on a small scale. I second checking out the DIY site, lots of good stuff there to help you get started. Once you find a recipe you like you can copy it and then easily modify it to fit you.

Welcome, have fun.


This DIY recipe also aims to be “overly faithful” to the original Soylent recipe.


Thank you all! I guess I just need to be more observant haha!