Original RTD Soylent gone from UK Amazon 😬

I went to order another box and the only flavours are Mocha and Cacao. Can someone tell me if this is a “temporarily out of stock” situation or something worse. I am nervous because it seems like the Original listing is completely gone, I can’t even leave a review for it.

I was literally thinking how nice having the RTD in my life has been when I looked to order more and it was gone :disappointed:

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Also very eager to know whether this is a temporary issue. @soylent_team @Conor?

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Looks like it’s back! Thank goodness :pray:

Will I accept this lesson in being patient? Probably not :+1:

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Thank you, @elanorigby! Going to start stockpiling them now like one of those doomsday preppers. If enough pile up, might have to build a fort.

@justin looks like it’s gone again. Everyone must have had the same idea as you :joy:

Oh dear. Better add a moat to Fort Soylent.

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They replied to my insta message and said it’s being discontinued in the UK. I am devastated. I’ve had it for lunch every day since it launched in the UK. I don’t like coffee or chocolate :frowning: They did however say they were bringing new flavours to the UK.

Oh wow. That’s devistating. I was finally happy :persevere: