Other set of eyes to review my diy


I have been working on a recipe for myself. I have issues with dairy, gluten, and soy. I have stayed away from corn. I currently eat glutinous and brown rice, oatmeal, bananas, broccoli, and peas a lot in my current diet, so I guess it’s a little mimicry there. I have steered away from pure chemicals as much as possible. I think that some of the holes are due to lack of nutritional information. I would greatly appreciate a few extra set of eyes to look over my recipe, as well as constructive criticism.



Its always difficult to create a whole foods soylent, especially with dietary restrictions. Dont worry about manganese, there has never been a case of manganese overdose. I have heard that vitamin A from plants is less dangerous than from animals, but id still be cautious about getting that much vitamin A. Chloride and sulfur actually will be complete, as will probably biotin, just a mistake in the database. i am guessing youre getting vitamin D from the sun? Im not sure what you ought to do about the nutrients youre under on though. Best of luck.


My research showed that manganese was a number based on a study of individuals diets. If it was something we could od on I think quite a few of us would be dead from an od especially if you eat healthy. The “healthier” foods had higher manganese amounts.

Vitamin A overdose from plants turns you Orange (One article I read stated that it was possible to have deadly od if you were to eat to many polar bear livers, fortunately there are no polar bears here lol) I have heard of kids that have turned orange from eating only orange foods. They actually sell “tanning pills” which contain vitamin A and some have food coloring. But I removed the carrot and tweaked some amounts and added sunflower seeds. I saw several places that combined the pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, seems vitamin wise they balance each other. Now my numbers much closer to the green than they were.

I am planning on getting Vitamin D from the sun, but I may suppliments this during the winter months.