Other Things You Put Soylent In

What else should I be trying?


That has to be SUPER heavy and filling. It’s one of the obvious potential uses, but since a bottle fills me up so easily, I can’t see pouring it over me Lucky Charms and being able to walk away from the breakfast table.

I thought it might be good in hot cocoa, so I mixed some Swiss Miss up first with hot water, then put some 2.0 in it and tossed it back in the microwave. Turns out algae and microwaves do not play well together. It was like liquefied, chocolate-infused grouper. Probably wouldn’t be quite so bad with the algae-free version.

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I use Soylent on my cereal, but in a mix of about half Soylent, half water.

Same. Maybe not exactly half and half, but usually about 60% Soylent and 40% water or so.

I’ve blended in hot cocoa mix with mine. I was using a chocolate drink mix but they stopped selling them at the clinic I’ve been going to. What’s ironic is that the chocolate drink and hot cocoa mix have the same ingredients and same nutritional value. You get more with the hot cocoa mix (7 packs) as opposed to 6 bottles (add water, shake and drink).

The mix with Soylent 2.0 gives it a flavor almost like a Wendy’s Frosty, without all the guilt.


Is everyone just having 400 kal for lunch or dinner with nothing else to go along with it? If I’m at home, I’ll do the drink and a 500 (2 pack serving of brown rice) that I can microwave to reach 800 kal. I consume the two separately.

I put it in my butt. heh. heheheh. heheh.


Soylent enemas?

You are sitting on a gold mine of a business idea, my friend.


Same. It’s a superior milk substitute for breakfast cereal and since it’s watered down it lasts a while.

Cacao Soylent for chocolate cereals, regular for pretty much all the other cereals, and then Nectar for… well… duh…

This can’t be overstated.

Tastes better than milk, smells better than milk, lasts much longer than milk before spoiling, and is healthier than milk.