Other vs Uncategorized


I’m probably a little too obsessed with setting categories, but I’ve been thinking for a while on the “other” category and I’m not sure what purpose it serves over “uncategorized”. Ultimately “other” just means whatever we don’t have a better fitting category for. With the existence of uncategorized as an psuedo-category, “other” seems redundant.

I think we should remove the “other” category and leave any topics that would otherwise be labeled as such as uncategorized.

Can anybody think of a reason why we actually need the “other” category?


I feel like “other” should be “off-topic” and “uncategorized” should be for everything soylentish that isn’t categorized. Or vice versa. I don’t know, usually when I post to one or the other I’m actually looking for “off-topic”

Maybe I should just stick to talking about Soylent.


No idea on the OP. But I do wish I could “hide” certain categories which I never ever ever browse.


I usual put off topic in the category of “flagged”. Lol


That’s a good argument in favor of keeping “other”. It’s not much of an issue for me, but in sure it is useful to others.


Uncategorized is the category it belongs in until someone checks where it belongs. It’s how we know you haven’t looked at the thread, yet. :wink:


I was thinking that too…

You guys know me too well now. >.>


Actually I just went a little nuts when I saw the notiification that you “edited” my post. It took me a bit to figure out you weren’t some sort of super-admin, but rather, had set the category.


XD yeah… I update categories frequently.