Other ways to increase life efficiency?

Soylent increases my eating efficiency. Are there other life hacks that people have come up with for other parts of their life that increase efficiency elsewhere?

I am looking to optimize my life and looking for suggestions of what others may have done.


I have recently started doing the “Scientific 7 Minute Workout”. There has apparently been research showing that short, high-intensity exercise can provide similar benefits to longer duration exercises of less intensity.

I generally do them at home right before my daily shower to stay clean


i just starting nootropics, acetyl L-carnitine, bacopa, bio energy (caffeine+:theanine)


Try the caffeine + theanine pills from Powder City, same thing but not price-gouged.


Sleep naked, get multiples of the same outfits, aim for a “do it now” mentality, get a buzz-cut every few months, give your friends access to your google calendar so hanging out is easier to plan, learn Python to automate repetitive tasks*, and replace carpet with wood or tile.

*Especially valuable if you’re in school. Python saved my butt in high school statistics and number theory.


I’m happy but sad to say that cutting the amount of time I spend on forums is helping optimize the rest of my life!


This is actually a good one. I originally did this because my wife has severe allergies, but now I prefer it. I also have robots do most of my vacuuming.


Brush your teeth in the shower and comb your hair out too in there.
Lay all your clothes out for a week.


Robotic vacuum (mine is from Neato Robotics) for cleaning floors.

If you have longer hair that takes time to wash and dry, the “no poo” method (nopoomethod.com) + a showercap might be of interest to you.

Also, if you happen have a cat:

  • the Litter Robot automatic litterbox (it’s the only automatic litterbox design that actually effective and durable)
  • an automatic feeder for dry food meals, although I don’t recommend feeding a cat a diet that is 100% dry food
  • have food and litter delivered in bulk by subscription from Amazon or a specialty site like petfooddirect.com, chewy.com, wag.com, etc.

Fasting. It saves that pesky 5 minutes that Soylent takes from you every day.

Though to be serious, it does good things for the brain and body, leading to better efficiency and quality of life as you age.


Be careful with nootropics they havent been tested as well as or as long as conventional drugs.

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  1. Avoid coffee and tea after 6 pm.

  2. Stay away from baked and fried foods.

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Biphasic/polyphasic sleep


How does this make life more efficient? Easier fapping?

Even if I shave my head? :wink:

Shaving actually takes forever… have been toying with the idea of just getting my head lasered.


Also, see


I am a naturally polyphasic sleeper, it seems. My sleep patterns are not based on ideology or some snazzy theory about how I can gain time by sleeping more often, though less in total. I have simply always had a varied sleep pattern, but I have never seen that as a problem. And I always want the total to add up to around eight hours a day, because studies often indicate that important things happen during sleep, and I don’t want to impair my waking awareness.


Naked 'cause It means I never have to buy or wash pajamas, but your reasoning seems valid as well :laughing:

Haha, getting it lasered works too

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Ahh, well in the summer I just do underwear which I have anyway. In the winter my legs get cold without pajamas though…

Someone already solved that problem. Pajamajeans!

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I use FancyHands to do things like schedule appointments with doctors, research companies and products, and make the calls I don’t want to: https://www.fancyhands.com/

Here’s my referral code that will give you 50% off first month if you choose to use it: http://fhands.com/0g0Xq0R

Regarding muli-phasic sleep, i think it should only be done if it suits your body and mind. For some a monophasic phase sleep…7-8 hrs at a stretch works well while for some multi-phasic (bi or polyphasic) suits well.