Other ways to increase life efficiency?

+1 for Neato. I’ve been through several robot vacuums, and the Neato is the one I think is the best, so far.

+1 to fasting, too. When I’m on an extended fast, sometimes I start my morning at the dish rack… but there’s nothing to put away. Even when I’m on 100% soylent, there’s usually a bottle and immersion blender parts.

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Some suggestions so far:

  • don’t eat
  • don’t have hair

dont eat hair?:smile:

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The famous blogger Steve Pavlina did polyphasic sleep for awhile.

You can read about it here.

I also missed sleeping with my wife. However, she really liked having the bed all to herself at night. She said she never slept better. She actually didn’t want me to go back to monophasic.



Finances - use billpay, autopay where possible. I don’t have to remember to pay my rent each month as my bank pays it automatically.
Clothes - find clothes that you like, fit well, and are comfortable and buy multiples. All my socks match. I’ve got enough of each item of clothing to go 2+ weeks dressing well for work without doing laundry.
Driving - live close to where you work or the other places you frequent. Commuting is a time and happiness killer.

The major one that I haven’t tackled is TV / media consumption. I spend way too much time in front of the TV. While I enjoy it, it isn’t my highest and best use of time.


I thought that they would be pairwise mutually exclusive terms. I stand corrected.

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I think that some kind of meditation can be helpful or at least interesting. I use an Android app called Calm to find useful directed meditations. It costs something.

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LOL… I signed up for Calm too when it cost “something.” They drastically raised the price shortly thereafter so I’ll probably cancel before the renewal date.

Who am I kidding, I’ll probably forget to cancel until I get billed then tell myself I’ll do it before the cancel date and forget again.

You can stop them from automatically rebilling you when your term is up. Mine won’t renew unless I tell it to. It’s a setting in Play Store. Ask them and they will tell you where it is.

Hmm… looks like I renew in December, and just checked their price increase letter so I should get the 9.99 price since it renews this year. Also supposed to get an email before the price goes up and actually have to take a manual step to upgrade it so maybe I’m safe to just have it for another year. Hopefully by then I won’t need an app to meditate. :wink:

Still a hell of a price jump though…

I find that chasing perfect efficiency in every area is inefficient.


The sleep one though…
It’s not for everyone, but gaining 4 hours a day (7 hrs sleeping -> 3 hrs sleeping) is huge. It’s a 20% increase in time each day, and that’s huge. Time is money after all.

If you spend 2 hours preparing your food and cleaning each day (and cleaning up after its preparation), then full “polyphasic sleep” is twice as good as Soylent for you. Of course, they’re not mutually exclusive - you could pursue both courses. What would you do with all the extra time you had then!?

For those that must work 8.5 hours per day, there are abbreviated polyphasic sleep schedules for you that won’t save you as much time and don’t require as many naps.

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Right now? The Witcher III…

/not good at using my time effectively


A recent study found that longer sleep is essential for maximum long-term learning to occur. I feel intuitively that getting “enough” sleep is important. I think that trying to cut corners with how much you sleep is unwise. This is a case when “listen to your body” is important.

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“Wanna know a cute little lifehack? It’ll save you time and money, let alone effort.”


I’m not sure if someone already mentioned this, but get several sets of the same cloth. Buy four or five jeans, 10 or 20 t-shirts, all the same color and brand. Always wear the same cloth, just find something you like. Usually jeans and black t-shirts are good for every occasion (that’s probably why Steve Jobs made that choice).

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Well, if you’re Steve Jobs you can wear them for every occasion… but he definitely chose those specific items for a reason, and wore them almost exclusively for a reason. The reason is partly identity (and what it signals), and the other half is efficiency/ease.

Good article with a couple other famous examples.

I’ve long been on the fence about polyphasic sleep. It’s important to remember that it’s not just about the hours in the day, it’s about their quality, as well. Polyphasic seems better for some things, but not so much others (as @geneven mentions above.)

Right on the money! Most things fall under the 80/20 rule. (or even 90/10!)

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You can get identity and efficiency/ease with a red t-shirt and a skirt. A black t-shirt and jeans produce less visual impact and don’t get peoples attention, so you can wear them all the time without someone asking you why are you wearing the same cloth or thinking that you are dirty. The most important thing of picking the right combination is that you don’t have to think about what you have to wear anymore and people around you don’t care about it, and that is what turns it into a life hack, instead of just a weird quirk.

I like the commuting advice (live close to where you work or vice versa). For me, biking to work 3.5 miles has been a huge efficiency increase. My commuting time becomes my exercise time. Further, I hate paying car expenses. Cars have shot up in price way faster than inflation. Throw in repairs, gas and your daily driving commute is an expensive waste of time and money.

A bicycle is a great life hack.