Our introduction to the community, Pulve.com

Introduction to Pulve
Hello to all of you out there. We want to introduce Pulve officially to the community. Pulve is a Dutch variant of the Soylent phenomenon. I think that by now we all know what the idea behind Soylent is. We want to actively participate in the soylent sector and community. We feel it is good to be aware of the possible participation of people who are interested in nutrition and, as such, the level of knowledge they might bring to the table.

Together with our partner, a nutritional company who are GMP, HACCP, ISO-9001 and ISO 22000 accredited, we produce Pulve in the Netherlands. This includes its manufacturing, processing and the filling of the pouches. This way, we can ensure the highest quality standards for our customers.
Although Pulve is mixed with Stevia, it is far from (too) sweet. We felt that we wanted to supply a product without huge quantities of sugars and additives. Customers have described the flavour as neutral with a light vanilla after taste.

We insisted on providing a product that wouldn’t spike your insulin and therefore have left out certain components such as added sugars. Our product is GMO free, which may be normalised in the EU, but we personally feel that there is a form of aversion towards products that contain GMO ingredients is starting to surface. We want to offer GMO free products to those who prefer to go without them. Pulve is however, not against GMO. Science will demonstrate the pros and cons of gene technology.

Worldwide shipping
Because of our E-commerce and logistical experience, we can provide you worldwide shipping for low prices. Shipping to most of the EU countries is free of charge. Orders placed before 21:30 CET is shipped the same day. Next day delivery in Holland is the standard we want to offer to our customers.

Pulve can always be improved through nutritional professionals and customer driven response. This accounts for subjective and objective feedback. Transparency is key for us and we truly believe that the new companies of today should rely on procumers. This is an amalgamation of producers and consumers. We are currently gaining customer feedback and are thinking of producing different variants.

We are very excited to start this journey and are happy to help anyone who wants to know more about Pulve. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards Ruud - Co-Founder - Pulve.com

Or see our site for more info: www.pulve.com

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Always fun to check out the Soylent variants out there. There’s getting to be a lot of options!

So given that there’s so many choices available, I’d be curious to hear: what makes Pulve different and better? Which common ingredients are excluded, which uncommon ingredients are included, and why? Is there a particular aspect of the food (taste, texture, digestibility, bioavailability, etc) which Pulve excels in?

I know I could probably look this up on the website, but I think it would be helpful to see a summary of Pulve’s strengths, targeted towards this more technical community. If you’ve got the time, of course, and I appreciate the post with or without the extra summary.


Does Pulve really have 150 mg of sodium a day or is that a typo?

Great to hear of another new start and welcome to the community


Product: Pulve

Reference: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0876/6840/files/nutrientsheet-pulve.pdf?8707102601579626574

Nutrients less than Institute of Medicine’s Recommended Daily Allowance or Adequate Intake:

vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin B1, folate, magnesium, manganese, potassium, zinc, sodium, chloride

Nutrients greater than Institute of Medicine’s Tolerable Upper Limit:


Nutrients greater than or equal to Institute of Medicine’s Recommended Daily Allowance or Adequate Intake and less than or equal to Institute of Medicine’s Tolerable Upper Limit:

vitamin B2, niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, pantothenic acid, biotin, calcium, chromium, copper, iodine, iron, molybdenum, phosphorous, selenium

Please note that Pulve seems to use the same Magic Oats that Rosa Labs uses for Soylent. Oat flours in this quantity have manganese levels with exceed the IOM’s Tolerable Upper Limit. However, the manganese levels in Magic Oats are miraculously within a few percent of the RDA/AI.


Thank you for your repsonse.
Yes Pulve really contains 150 Mg of Sodium.
In Holland there is no recommended intake advice. The UL is set at no more than 500 MG.
I presume that you might think it is too low.
it is very hard get a sodium deficiency with our nutrient intake. One
must perform long endurance training to obtain it. We have received a
couple of questions with regards to our sodium content and we will look
after it.
Our vitamin and mineral blend comes from DSM, a dutch based company. They recommended this type of blend.