Our robot companion


I dislike having a robot providing commentary on my presence… Enough that it might prompt me to quit Soylent and this site. Its purpose is obviously to manipulate me and I dislike being manipulated.


Robot companion? What did I miss?


I don’t know, but this is either pretty funny or really sad. Not sure which.


Here is an example of what I am calling robot commentary:

This is the first time Skippy has posted — let’s welcome them to our community


I find that new feature annoying, though I’ve been mostly able to ignore it.

There’s got to be a switch somewhere in the forum software to turn it off. But since conor left, I don’t know who to @ about it.


@soylent_team is Conor’s replacement.

… and I personally think that the feature is awkward. I wouldn’t get dramatic over it by threatening to quit Soylent and leave the site, but it’s not a good addition regardless.


This is the last time geneven will post — let’s say goodbye to them.