Our Soylent subscription just shipped out


Just thought I should share this. I was getting a bit nervous as we’re down to our last couple bags of Soylent, and the 28-bag subscription I had signed us up for on July 7th hadn’t notified me of any activity.

Well, we just got the email that it has shipped. So we might have maybe a day without Soylent, but it should arrive inside the 2 week window they promised, and frankly we have enough conventional food in the house to stretch things if needed until the new supply arrives.

So subscription reorders at least, definitely are shipping, for those who might have been wondering.


Whew! I was about to get worried that you weren’t going to get your 12th reorder before all the preorders went out!
^ sarcasm
Also, @vanclute , you’ve had alot of great contributions to this discourse. I almost spent the $60 towards your Soylent brownies, but decided to buy a toy helicopter instead. Sorry, I had priorities


Yeah I debated saying anything as I didn’t want to offend anyone who still hasn’t had their original order yet. But, I know people do want to know that there is indeed shipping activity so… there it is. Oh and I know you were being sarcastic but still, this is our 3rd reorder.

As for the helicopter… heck I can pretty much guarantee you’ll get much longer enjoyment out of that than the brownies! But you definitely don’t need to pledge $60… just $5 is all it takes to get some brownie. =)


Would you mail it to Kansas?! Well, soon to be Missouri, I’m moving to the smelly side of Kansas City this saturday :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you mean a brownie? If so then sure, no problem. Unless I get some insane number of backers in the next couple weeks, I intend to go ahead and mail everyone as much brownie as I can. =)


Holy crap… Got our shipping notification email yesterday, and our Soylent arrived today! Are they overnighting this stuff now what!?




I would like to know if this is common - that reorders are being processed so effectively/quickly.

I’m not upset with those that have been able to get their orders fulfilled, I am getting upset with what looks like a business that is unable to communicate to backers as to when they might get their product. I really do hope that the update scheduled for Friday is able to assuage the negative feelings that are developing (?developed) within the community.


Reorders have been given top priority, so yeah, pretty safe there.


The same thing happens to me, FedEx is efficient to the bay area from where they ship, but I think its ground shipping.


Yeah I often find things arrive here surprisingly quick (got a hard drive EARLY this morning that I ordered day before yesterday) but the day after the email went out, seemed crazy fast. Wondering if maybe the email was a day or two delayed or something too… that would make a bit more sense.


It sounds like soylent is having cash flow problems, so they’s shipping out big orders in preference to the small orders, no matter when they were placed. That’s frustrating, and the main reason that I finally cancelled my week order (which was placed sometime last year).

This are just bad decisions by operations - just like the “we’re groveling because our big rice supplier just screwed us, but it’s understandable because we’re so small” status update from a while back.

Basically, what they’re doing it’s just not fair, and not a great way to treat customers. I want to like the stuff. I gave them my money last year. It’s like they’re doing everything they can to make sure that I never buy anything from them again.

Good idea, bad execution. Business is hard, but it’s harder when you make it harder for yourself.


This is what’s in the back of my mind as well - that scares me.


Can you point me to where you have come to this conclusion? I think i read everything on this site and the blog and I havnt seen anything to come to that conclusion. Was it in a news article somewhere?

The specifically said big orders first was the best way to keep customers getting their reorder. They made that business decision as a priority. I dont pick that up as having cash flow problems.



I think that it is perfectly reasonable for an individual to consider the possibility of a cash flow problem. Given the many historical examples of companies needing additional/new capital outlays to remain afloat - and servicing new clients (new funding) to continue operations.

Sure - it could well be what they have said… That is, the servicing of larger clients so that they get their reorders and all.

A comprehensive (and I mean comprehensive - detail rich) update would go a looooooong way towards putting these concerns (and all the others) to bed and restoring goodwill in the community. I would rather be told brutal honesty. I think many here share that viewpoint. So I’m really looking forward to this update.