Outsourced Soylent Call Center asking for CC info

I called Soylent’s 800 number listed across the web and on their Dunn & Bradstreet profile (844) 769-5368 to let them know that I had purchased numerous Cafe Mocha Ready-to-Drink meals from a 7/11 in Santa Cruz to find that they were all sandy and gross. Trying to drink them is like drinking a soylent shake with sand in it (some particulate has separated and is now floating in the drinks). When I told them the situation they proceeded to ask for my address to process a refund and then demanded the credit card I used to make the purchase. I told them I was not going to give them a CC and they kept demanding it for a refund. Is Soylent aware their outsourced call center (sounded like India) is asking for customers CC details to run fraudulent charges?

I think that it’s pretty standard practice to get the CC# for refunds. I think I remember being asked it by other companies.

If you’re worried then just keep an eye on your charges for a while after.

Thank you for your response. I sent a tweet to soylent and they replied saying it’s their old number and scammers have taken it over. Soylent will never ask for a full CC number for a refund, and I’m not sure who you’ve been speaking in the past, but I’ve never heard of a major corp requesting the full number only the last four. If they’re a legitimate company, they have a system that allows them to refund without the number, so I’d be very wary of giving it out in full.


Well I stand corrected for sure. Good thing you were suspicious!

Yikes! That is a new one on me. Scammers taking over defunct customer support numbers in order to get a hold of people’s credit card info? @#$%

Yep! Extremely smart of them…I knew it was not soylent the second they asked for a credit card number and expiration date. Also the disappointing thing I also found out through this is that Soylent does not stand behind their products at all. I got 3 defective Cafe Mochas with sediment in them so thick it nearly choked me and they refuse to replace them saying it’s 7/11’s fault and 7/11 says they’ve never had a manufacturer send them a case of defective product and refuse to make it right. Extremely disappointing.

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