Over doing nutrients with full soylent + regular dinner?

I’ve been using Soylent off and on over the months and just got my 1.5 which I like much more and plan to continue. My goal is to replace breakfast and lunch with Soylent and have a normal dinner with my wife.

I’m 6’4’’, about 195 lbs typically and lift weights 3 days/wk, play basketball 1 day per week, and walk a lot with my dogs and to work. Because of my relatively active habits and overall fast metabolism, I think I’m going to need to consume an entire bag each day before dinner.

What I’m concerned about is if Soylent meets all of the nutritional recommendations, will my dinner and occasional snacks be too many nutrients? I’m not worried about calories as I can eat 3k+ and routinely need to if I’m very active. I’m just worried about overdoing it with nutrients.

Any insight is appreciated and I apologize in advance if this question exists elsewhere. I did a little searching but wanted to ask my specific question.

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As far as I know, nutrient needs scale with caloric needs. If you need 3000 calories, you could roughly aim for 1.5x the nutrients in a 2000 calorie diet and be fine.

But to look at this another way, what if you had a balanced diet of a bunch of different foods such that after a day’s worth of meals everything added up to 2000 calories and just the right amount of nutrients? That’s the ideal 2000 calorie diet. If you then started lifting weights, playing basketball, and walking a lot, would you be concerned about just eating more of the same? You wouldn’t start chugging heavy cream, maltodextrin, and whey protein out of fear of going overboard on nutrients, you’d just eat more of the same balanced diet you had before. Soylent is just food: the same thing applies.

Finally, I’m sure there are exceptions. There’s probably some nutrient out there whose requirement scales off of body size but not activity, or doesn’t scale at all. If there’s research out there pointing them out, I haven’t seen anyone post it and I haven’t really actively searched myself. So your concern is definitely valid, but I think in general you don’t have to worry too much.


Nutrient needs scale with caloric needs - only if you’re an infant:


This is my thinking as well. If anything, I would consider deficiencies, or “under doing nutrients”, more of a concern. With a relatively well-balanced diet of traditional food, the variety ideally prevents deficiencies. With a more Soylent-centric diet, since Soylent is precisely balanced it is less likely to counterbalance anything lacking in the traditional food you do have.

But, given the rarity and difficulty of maintaining a “relatively well-balanced diet of traditional foods”, I still think such things are less of a concern with Soylent.

You need 4-5x the daily amount of most nutrients for them to be toxic. 10x for some of them.

So your fine.

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…except for vitamin A, niacin, folate, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, sodium, and chloride.

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Thank you - this response seems very logical and helped me think it through. You’re right, you wouldn’t avoid nutrients with empty calories to eat more.