Over-Saturation Advertising?

Q: Is Soylent 2.0 on a saturation advertising blitz?
A: Yup. No question.
Q: How do you know?
A: I gots eyes.
Q: Explain!
A: Happy to:

For the past few months, I have seen what I can best articulate as saturation advertising online for Soylent 2.0. The internet figured out that I’m interested in Soylent, and now I see one or more ads for Soylent 2.0 on most of the pages I visit. Sometimes several dozen per hour.

On the one hand this is great. I was a crowdfunding supporter of 1.0 and have a subscription for 2.0. On the other hand, these very targeted ad-placements cost RL real money.

In a former life in the Ad-biz, I learned that brands buy ads to promote product sales ie: TVs. Brands also buy ads to promote sales-and-customer-satisfaction (ie: cars) and ads that promote consumption-thus-re-sales (ie: candy, Coke, beer, burgers). The creative side of the Ad-biz is why 20%+ of the audience watches the Superbowl - great Ads are an art-form.

A less well appreciated side of the Ad biz is ad-placement or “buying.” After the creatives produce the great spot, the buyers decide where to put that spot, and how often. Done well, together, your brand soars. Blow it on one or both (creative/placements) and your brand dies. $5Mn for a 30-second placement at the Superbowl is a screaming bargain for many brands - though not all.

In a former life in sales, a high ranking commandment is “don’t talk yourself out of the sale.” In other words: “When the prospect is ready to buy, shut up, because…” We’ve all seen it. Many of us have done it. This usually doesn’t apply to advertising, but it can.

In a former life as a business owner/manager, I learned that if you spend more than you have, plus the margins on what you bring in, your business dies.

Given the number of Soylent Ads I’ve seen in the last few months, I’ve had recurring worries that I may be seeing malpractice on the part of their ad-agency buyer. I don’t want RL to die. I like my Soylent, and given all of the above, I worry.

So rather than send a one-off letter to Rob with this, I thought it better to ask the community if they see/worry about the same thing?


We adjusted things on our side so people will be less bombarded. I apologize for the overload in ads. Worry not, we are growing and doing well.


I’m not smart on these things, so excuse my question:

Aren’t most ads seen online a result of your browsing history? Because 95% of the ads I come across are for Soylent, PetSmart, and Amazon.com; three sites I spend entirely too much time on.


Yes. I think you get a cookie when you visit, say, this site. When you go elsewhere, the fact that you have the cookie causes Soylent ads to be displayed.

You aren’t identified, BTW. You are simply known as a person with a cookie.

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I’ve never seen a Soylent ad.


I don’t mind ad overload at all. As long as RL quarterlies all end in black ink, no harm. The only foul is marketing dollars better spent elsewhere.

Exactly. I am 100% a valid prospect for RL Ads. I’m already a subscriber but Ads targeting my eyeballs are still 100% valid to encourage me to consume / buy more (see BudLight, Diet Coke, Burger King…).

Hey! I got the message 100 expensive Ad-impressions ago.

… which means those ad dollars can be focused on the hearts & minds & purchases of other prospective consumers. That’s what I’m talkin’ about! Good work.

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I guess only an someone in advertising could think that way. Especially on a subscription based product. I’m already using it, and already using it as much as I likely can. Advertising to me is a complete waste.

Banks do this too, there’s nothing sillier than going to my bank’s website to transfer some money around and then seeing ads for my bank for the next couple days. You’re not selling me on anything, I’m already there!


I have ad blocker plus installed on all computers I use so I see almost no ads at all.

But just curious if you know whether the ads you are seeing are ‘pay per view’ or ‘pay per click’?


Off topic but… I was in a superbowl commercial this year. Just thought you fellow soylenters should know you have a famous person among you. FAMOUS!

I’m the mustache in the beginning


Sethward! That is amazing. I have no clue about how hard it is to get roles, but congrats on getting cast in the commercial.

I subscribed to your YouTube channel awhile back and have been enjoying your vids you release. I really think you deserve a higher following (more views) on there. Your stuff is much better than some other channels I subscribe to with higher numbers.


Woohooo! thanks so much Inquirerer! That means a lot! Thanks so much for the sub and the kind words, I appreciate the support!


I thought I was going to go insane.
Every ad for almost a year has been Soylent.
I’m a noob at computers , will deleting the cookies on phone/windows 10 free me?

For a time, if you clear all of them, but you’ll probably recollect them all again given enough time

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Thank you
I’ll try and see what happens.

My friend, we are all in advertising. Some produce, all consume.

[quote=“FatherLuna, post:14, topic:24902, full:true”]
I thought I was going to go insane.[/quote]
Ya never know, pal. A good question to ask yourself, most days.

You make my point exquisitely.

Soylent Ads = Good.

Too many Soylent Ads = Ad Buyer Malpractice.

IMNSHO: RL should demand refunds or freebee re-dos as make-goods.

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I agree that the advertising seems to be overkill, but then again, because I am already attuned to Soylent’s message, I may be noticing them a bit more than someone else. It seems that almost every page has a Soylent ad, as well as Soylent appearing many times in my Facebook feed.

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this always seemed strange to me… contextual ads almost always are just for things I just recently have bought… aren’t I the person who needs the least advertisement??