Overheard at Walmart

I’m in Walmart buying some Soylent and there are 2 women next to me doing the same thing.

They’re talking about flavors and one says to the other that they would love a Salisbury Steak flavor and if it was offered would buy like 10 boxes.

I don’t know how drinking a meat flavored drink would be and to me I can’t decide if it would be delicious or gross…

What do you think?

Soylent that tasted like, for example, beef barley soup? Awesome.

I hope that’s the kind of flavor she is thinking of too.

I often feel a craving for non-sweet/fruit/chocolate flavors when consuming mostly Soylent, but a savory drink Soylent doesn’t sound appealing to me. Too much like V8 which to me is like drinking a can of ketchup. I guess to my mind savory liquids are supposed to be hot. Soylent Soup in a can sounds like a possibility! I spread some Marmite on a salted caramel Squared and it was pretty good. I can definitely see myself liking a savory Soylent Squared.

agree with jefurii. It pretty much depends on what exactly you’re doing with it. Obviously it very much depends on your own taste, but i think that a savory Soylent used in right recipes is going to make a really good use of it.

not sure if that’s of some interest but i’ve just used Soylent in some of my recipes (as a result to yesterday post, lol) and that’s really good. thanks for this post Muggle :smiley: