Packaging Alternative for 2.x

Hi, Soylent team!

Would it ever be possible to ship 2.x Soylents differently? While I LOVE the convenience of the bottles, a box for a month’s worth of Soylent (48 bottles) is HEAVY (I am a small gal) and difficult to store (small NYC apartment).

Are gallon/quart bags of liquid Soylent out of the question?


I go through 60 bottles a month, and have the same problem.

What I’m doing: Putting up with the big & heavy bottles until 1.7 comes out. Then I’ll probably switch to that. Powder is so much cheaper and and so much easier to store, it’s worth the hassle of mixing up a new batch every few days.


Good question. It has been observed that milk in Canada is often sold in bags. Though shipping those around the continent could potentially get messy…

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I really love the taste or 2.0. How similar is 1.7, taste-wise?

1.7 hasn’t been commercially released yet and may very well still be in development.

Yeah, as Genesis pointed out, we don’t know what 1.7 will be like. 1.5 (which I used when it was around) was equally as bland as 2.0, but grittier and more of a “pancake flour” flavor. 1.6 was completely different and seemed to leave people either happy or disgusted; I was in the disgusted camp and switched to 2.0. I’m hoping that 1.7 is a lot like either 1.5 or 2.0. We’ll find out in a month or so.

The only hint we’ve received thus far is 1.7 will be smooth like 1.6 was, which is pretty close to 2.0

Other than that, who knows.

Square bottles(such as TetraPak’s TetraBrik), so that we can stock them with almost no unusable space.

We can’t sell by the gallon, because of how nutrient dense Soylent 2.0 is. Additionally the market for such a size just is not their to justify the start up costs associated with launching a new size line. TretaPaks would not cut down on the weight, they will shave only a little off the size. We have worked with the form factor multiple times.


Square bottles would get less shipping damage.

You forgot to say why that would be the case.


I also live in New York City and also find that storing lots of boxes of Soylent in my apartment is very tricky (not to mention my hilariously narrow refrigerator that sends my suburban friends and relatives into howls of laughter when they see it).

Are the bottles a big percentage of the weight of Soylent 2.0?

I suspect that when he refers to big and heavy bottles he is referring to bottles filled with liquid Soylent, not empty bottles. They are a pain, I find. I have a bunch of them partly blocking my entrance hallway now.

I wonder how many customers actually buy a full months’ worth of Soylent 2.0?

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Right right, he was comparing to powder innit. On the general topic, I don’t know how much difference different packaging would make — surely most of the weight is in the liquid?


@geneven, you asked how many people buy a months worth of Soylent 2.0. That’s me when there is no powder to buy. For me that was from when 2.0 was released to when 1.6 was released. No that 1.6 isn’t shipping, I will be back to 2.0 when my 1.6 runs out. I drink 5 bottles of 2.0 a day besides the few odd days that I actually eat something “normal”.

I think your question was more about the hassle. I currently have 10 boxes of 2.0 sitting which equals 24 days worth at 5 a day. I have room, but it is hassle having to move things around, and haul the boxes up the stairs. It is worth it though. When 1.7 ships (assuming it doesn’t give me the standard horse killing farts) I will switch back to that. In any case I will always keep a couple boxes of 2.0 for when I’m lazy or forget to mix the powder the night before.

Even with the extra hassle of the bottles, I still am way ahead of when I was forced to eat “normal” food.

I don’t normally have that much on hand (due to space concerns); I order more frequently instead, which is a pain in its own right.

You said that one litre is one day’s worth. TetraBrik Aseptic Square 1000 would be the right TetraPak for that(already used by many milk bottlers), although requiring a custom-designed cap because of density. No need for a gallon’s bottle.

One days worth is about 2 liters.

OK, here’s a thought: What about Soylent concentrate? Could you reduce 2.0 down to, say, 1/4 the amount of liquid, mix it with a pint of water, and use that? It would save a lot of shipping weight and storage space.