Packaging change recommendations


I know this topic may be heart-breaking for those that haven’t received their Soylent. I apologize.

After going through the process of unpacking a month’s worth of Soylent (takes about 15 minutes). I think this has been identified earlier, but not all in one place, there are a number of changes that could/should be made to packaging going forward.

I identified the following issues.

  1. As has been mentioned the boxes are too large and cumbersome

  2. As much as my wife loves the oil blend bottles for use as shampoo bottles whilst flying, it is very inefficient. I would far prefer a weekly or monthly sized bottle with an accompanying serving size spoon

  3. Ditto on the daily packaging. We all have the measuring cup for making Soylent, the powder should be in one large canister or bag, not 28 bags. It is environmentally unfriendly and it is inefficient for packaging.

  4. The bags are not designed well for pouring. If they are going to be daily bags, they should be better designed to pour into the Takaya Pitcher.

Apologies if any of these have been mentioned. Would be very interested to know if others have found other improvements that could be made to the packaging.


What I’ve found that works well for me is I’ll tear the bag open, then scrunch the open end together so it’s closed, then turn the bag upside down and while holding it closed with a few fingers on one hand, stuff the scrunched-up open end entirely within the mouth of the pitcher. Then, I’ll let go of the open end and shake the bag, and the entire contents will fall out into the pitcher without any spillage. Tap the bag a few times to ensure any remaining mix is gone, then withdraw and toss.


One large package instead of daily packages for the oil and powder might have an adverse effect on shelf life (not to mention convenience). I’d rather stick with the daily packages, ideally recyclable and marked with the recycling symbol and number (from 1 through 7) identifying the type of plastic.


Wouldn’t investing in a food-safe funnel be easier?


As someone who has yet to receive a shipment, this is fascinating. All the problems you mention seem like they might be obvious once you have them in hand, even if they weren’t so obvious before. I know Julio has said the box size will get smaller at some point, I’d be interested to know if they have already made plans to address the above issues.

I believe there was a time when you could buy only one day’s worth of Soylent. This may have precipitated the emphasis on single-day granularity. Now that the smallest order is a week though, it might make sense to reconsider this decision and do away with single day servings. Of course, that means you’ll have to do a bit more preparation for times when you’ll be away from you home base, so maybe there will eventually be “kitchen style” and “on the go” options?


Maybe, maybe not—just one more thing to have to keep track of and clean, though. I’m content with my method.

edit - and FWIW I prefer resealable single-day serving bags, just like they are.


I don’t mind the individual pouches because we always mix them a full pouch at a time, but I wouldn’t object to a week’s supply in some sort of biodegradable canister, and using the scoop to fill the pitcher. Wouldn’t really be a big deal to me and certainly would result in less pouch waste.


Honestly, I wouldn’t want to get rid of the daily packages. I don’t particularly like using the meal scoop, its just easier to dump the bag in to the pitcher and add water. I agree that they could move to a more recyclable form. of packaging that is still appropriate to use with food products, and also that they should move to smaller boxes (using the same size box and stuffing it more seems like it would make it too heavy). Also, I wonder if packaging the oil in a condiment pack like the ketchup and mustard packets you get in fast food restaurants would be better? It’d cut down on plastic used.


I think the multi-packaging of the Soylent will be a natural consequence of volumes increasing to the point of justifying multiple packaging machines.

But I do agree about the oil. I haven’t got my supply yet, but I can see figuring out what to do with oil packages getting old really fast. My building has a recycling program but it’s considered courteous to clean food containers. I’d rather clean one large bottle.



hopefully they can work out including the oil in the mix and do away with the oil bottles all together


I will prefer the daily packages over one large one. For me anyway the daily portions are far more convenient. I also plan on taking them on camping and canoeing trips. And since the bags are sealed airtight there won’t be a chance of them coming open and spilling and they won’t get the contents wet.


Oh, don’t get me wrong. I don’t want them to abandon the single serve sizes. It’s always annoyed me when I can’t get a staple product that I use infrequently in a single serve package. Like butter which I would like to have at room temp but only enough for one or two sandwiches.

I just am waiting for the package size choice.

But I think a good first step would be a weekly bottle of oil to match the basic packaging unit (7 packs).



Too bad they can’t package the oil using the same method that Ooho uses.


I just got 28 bottles of the oil yesterday (thanks to the kindness of @vanclute) and today when I mixed up the oil, my first thought was waste. Instead of recycling the bottles with our local waste management, why not rinse and ship back to Soylent for reuse? 28 little bottles sitting around brought home for me how wasteful it seems.

Yet, I concur on keeping the individual packets.


Minor nit, you only got 14 bottles from me. =)

But yeah I agree on the oil in general, however I know they want to do away with it entirely so… will see what happens.


Ha! Yes. 14. Fourteen bottles of oil the wall, fourteen bottles of oil…


…take one down, pour it in the pitcher…


Another issue with that is for bringing Soylent with you when traveling. I’m sure some people fly more than others, but I’d rather be able to take soylent and a thermos through security and not have to deal with overpriced, nutrient-deprived airport food. Just get some ice and water from one of the restaurants and you’re good to go.

Edit: a word


I wonder how a week’s worth of Soylent would fare in a canister in a humid area.

I like the single-day option for the powder and oil, because I travel a lot. I wouldn’t cancel my order and refuse to use the stuff if they went the canister route, but it would be less convenient.

In fact, if the grittiness doesn’t end up bothering me too much, I am going to try to find a good size container for a single serving of powder and a single serving of oil, so I can have it with me, in case plans change.


Do you guys see any issues with taking the entire contents of my three months and putting it in one big container?

Wouldn’t be mixed, just a container full of the powder from 3 months of soylent and another container full of all of the oil. I need to specifically weigh out everything anyway to make sure I get 1500kcals a day so the packaging isn’t useful and will take up space.

I also want to see how much more room can be saved if Soylent just offered a ‘1 month drum’.